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Speeding is a frequent traffic offense during the summer and when a driver’s behavior becomes uncontrollable. By issuing speeding tickets in NY to drivers who break the law, the police reduce risky driving.

There are solutions available for people falsely accused of going above the speed limit if they received a speeding ticket, as not everyone who received one was indeed breaking the law. 

Remember these important details regarding speeding tickets within New York to ensure you abide by the law and take full advantage of your summer.

Here Are Key Things You Need to Know About Speeding Tickets in NY

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1. You Could Be Fined for Going Below the Speed Limit

Any speed within the limit yet still deemed unsafe or out of line with rationality is regarded to be moving at a speed that is not reasonable and sensible in New York State. 

This traffic law infraction carries a $150 fine with an $80-85 court penalty. The same penalty is imposed for driving too slowly since doing so results in obstructing traffic flow and going at a pace below what is deemed “normal and acceptable.”

2. There Are Two pieces of Equipment Used to Measure Car Speed

New York state police leverage two different devices to measure the speed of vehicles:

Stalker DSR (Directional Sensor Radar) – Using advanced technology, these sensors can measure a vehicle’s speed, whether moving or not.

LTI Ultralyte LR B gadgets – Using a three-foot-wide light beam that can travel about 1,000 feet, this laser instrument measures speed by detecting the bounce back of a moving object.

3. There Are Immense Fines

The potential penalty for exceeding the speed limit by less than ten miles per hour is $150. A punishment of approximately $300 is possible for exceeding the speed limit by 11 and 30 mph, while a fine of up to $600 is possible for exceeding it by more than 31 mph. 

During school hours, these fines get doubled in school zones. Additionally, you get a court surcharge of $80-85 added to each of these fines.

4. Police Can Issue a Ticket Even if They Don’t See You Speeding Live

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Today, you can use technology in various ways to detect the speeds of moving vehicles, including aerial speed technologies and speed cameras. 

For instance, these speed cameras can activate a camera and snap pictures of moving cars exceeding a set speed. 

These cameras may record the time and place of the speeding and the speed. With these techniques, the gadgets can inform the authorities, who can issue speeding tickets.

5. It’s Always Possible to Fight Speeding Tickets

You could question the validity of the reading after getting speeding fines from the police who utilized a speedometer. 

In New York, questions like these can aid in the defense against speeding tickets:

A speeding ticket might be unsettling because it carries a hefty price and several points on a driver’s license. 

In these situations, involving a lawyer with expertise in defending against traffic offenses is crucial to persuading a court to reduce or dismiss a charge.

6. Paying the Charge Is the Same as Pleading Guilty

You have a few alternatives for paying a traffic ticket through New York’s courts. Payment can be made in person, online, or by mail. Seems convenient, right? But is it the right thing to do? That depends on the current situation. 

Once you make the fine for the traffic violation, that’s considered accepting your charges.  You will also face further penalties if you are found guilty of the crime. 

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The New York Department of Motor Vehicles may give points to your driving record as a part of the penalties. You also risk having your driver’s license suspended if you rack up enough points.

8. You Can Submit a Not Guilty Plea

Remember, you don’t have to pay the fine on your traffic ticket. You can file a not-guilty plea regardless of the proof you believe the officer collected against you. 

Again, you can do this in person, online, or by mail. Your case will go to trial if you enter a not-guilty plea. 

Evidence can be presented by you as well as the prosecutor to back up your claims. You are also permitted to question witnesses in opposition.

The judge who is hearing the case will issue a decision. You must pay penalties and fees if you are found guilty. 

Depending on the claimed violation, you can also face a mandatory driver’s license suspension or revocation.

8. We Have Basic Speeding Laws

The basic speeding law concept is more challenging to understand. Drivers must always travel at an appropriate speed according to fundamental speed laws. 

In other words, even driving below the stated limit, you could still be cited for speeding by breaking a fundamental speed limit.

Simply put, the citation officer must determine that you exceeded the speed at which driving under the circumstances was reasonably safe.

A police officer could rationally assume that you are breaking the fundamental speed law if, for instance, you are traveling at 40 mph in a 45 mph zone while the road is icy or there is dense fog. 

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This is because you are traveling too fast for the conditions. Typically, you get this kind of ticket right after a crash.

In a Nutshell

The number of drivers caught speeding has grown, even though fewer drivers are on the road now than before the coronavirus outbreak. 

Because speeding can have catastrophic repercussions, law enforcement strives to issue tickets in NY to drivers who exceed the speed limit. 

But it’s crucial to remember that not everybody who receives a ticket is at fault. On occasion, people receive the wrong kind of speeding ticket.

To avoid getting stuck with a speeding ticket, enroll in our driving lessons to learn everything that is required of you on the road.