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Most drivers are victims of speeding and earn traffic tickets through it. It’s a significant cause of traffic deaths and fatalities. When speeding, you reduce the reaction time needed to stop when there’s an emergency or approaching road barriers.

In 2020 there were approximately 30 speed-related deaths per day, and the percentage is increasing from the previous years.

Speeding is also expected at night when drivers rush to get home and can lead to fatalities due to poor night vision.

Let’s check the speeding statistics in the US and some solutions to speeding.

Speeding Statistics: Critical Findings on Speeding Among Drivers

Dangers of Speeding

Sure, the above speeding statistics are startling. But many drivers overlook the risks that come with speeding; you should keep the required speed limits to avoid messing with the law. In your driving classes, your instructor will always guide you on keeping up with other cars without speeding.

Here are some dangers of speeding.

What Causes Speeding?


Various factors can trigger aggressive behavior. Here are some reasons why drivers speed.

1. Running Late

When drivers are late for work or an appointment, they have higher chances of speeding to get there on time. So the best thing is to plan and start your journey earlier; that way, you will make a smooth and safe journey while observing the speed limits to avoid earning traffic tickets that you may be required to fight.

2. Traffic

It’s one of the most common reasons for speeding. Some will change their lanes frequently, contributing to aggressive driving behavior. Keep calm when caught in traffic, and maneuver. It’s common in teen drivers.

3. Disregard for the Law

Some drivers and motorists adopt the behavior of speeding and changing lanes frequently and disregarding traffic rules that require them to stay in their lanes. Some get rude and outrageous when driving, especially when stuck in traffic, and blame others for the build-up.

Alcohol and Speeding


Most drivers who take alcohol fall victim to speed, contributing to speed-related fatalities. It’s illegal to drive when your alcohol BAC concentration is above .08 g/dL since you are likely to lose control over your car. As a result, there’s a higher percentage of fatalities related to drivers under the influence of alcohol. Plus, the fatalities were higher on weekends than on weekdays, with most happening at night.

Who is Likely to Speed?


According to research, male drivers between 15 and 20 fall victim to speeding to get to their destination faster. Some even disregard road signs and traffic rules. A lower percentage of female drivers also tend to speed.

Older people are more composed on the road, and most of them keep up with the traffic and stick to the speed limit until they reach their destination. Here is the catch: if you have a teen driver and, by chance, he gets a traffic ticket, ask them to use their savings to pay for it, and they may be more careful next time.

Additionally, in 2020, fatal crashes that involved speeding were at 34 percent among motorcycle riders, 22 percent of car drivers, 16 percent of light truck drivers, and only 7 percent among significant truck drivers.

Road Surface Conditions and Speeding

In recent research, road conditions contributed to crashes where 19% of drivers encounter crashes when driving on dry roads, 21% on wet roads, 33% on snow, 42% on ice or frost, and 45% on standing and moving water.

speeding statistics


It would help if you moved with the posted speed limits for a safe encounter. If you are a new driver, ensure you avoid dangerous roads.

How do States Monitor Speed Limits?


Speed limits vary with states, and the police use different equipment and methods to enforce them.

Radar: It’s the primary method that uses electromagnetic signals on radar guns to ensure the speed signals reflect on the vehicle. It has a doppler effect that causes the frequency to shift depending on the relative speeds.

The method is accurate and reliable but proves hard to pinpoint every vehicle with heavy traffic.

Aerial speed measurement: The officers use the light aircraft to measure the speed between pavement marking of a known distance. Officers on the ground get the transmissions and offer speed citations. The method gives an accurate measurement.

Laser: The device calculates time and distance to measure speed. It aims at a band of light on a vehicle and measures the time to reflect the light. Since both travel with the speed of light, the time interval calculates the speed. It can pinpoint vehicles even in heavy traffic.

What Percentage of Americans Speed?

speeding statistics


Speeding is a common problem in the United States, and 89% of drivers speed and exceed the required speed limits, with the higher percentage being men and teens.

Final Thoughts

By checking the speeding statistics, we can tell there are rising cases, and it tops the list of crash causes. To reduce the fatalities, you must take a personal initiative to stick to the speed limits. 

Ensure you keep calm on the road even when you encounter aggressive drivers.

Our instructors will help you observe the speed limits by correcting you whenever you are wrong. Remember speeding risks your life and that of your passengers.