road test locations in Brooklyn

The Best Road Test Locations in Brooklyn You Need to Know!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say, a driver’s license is the most important thing in your wallet. But, that’s not all. You’ll have to pass a road test to get the driver’s license. This is whether you are a seasoned middle-aged driver looking to renew your driver’s license or a teenager interested […]

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10 Awesome Things to Expect in the Best Driving School

So you want to become a professional driver, and are probably wondering, what’s the best driving school near me? Well, there are many driving schools around Brooklyn, but don’t make a mistake of enrolling with the first driving school you come across. Everything may look perfect from the outside until you realize it’s far from […]

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driving school in the area

7 Tips for Finding the Best Driving School in the Area

Since 2013, accidents in Brooklyn have averaged between 47,000 to 50,000 per year.  How to be a safe driver in Brooklyn is essential to lowering the number of accidents. And it starts in driving school. It starts with the basic elements of what it takes to be a good driver. This is why it’s essential […]

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driving school in brooklyn ny

Road-Test? Check! Benefits of Driving School in Brooklyn, NY

Is driving school worth it? It is if it’s a driving school in Brooklyn, NY. And we’re not just saying this because we love Brooklyn—which we do, of course. We’re saying it for a couple of other reasons too. First, if it comes down to whether or not to attend driving school at all, there […]

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driver's education

Driver’s Education for Teens: Why Send Your Teenager to Driving School?

3,255 teen drivers between 15 and 19 were in a fatal car crash in 2017. Teens have more crashes than average, mainly due to their inexperience. Combine this inexperience with rebellion, peer pressure, and etc. and you have a recipe for trouble. Parents can’t prevent every mistake or poor decision by their teens. That’s why […]

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parallel parking

How to Master Parallel Parking

Many people go through their daily lives without having to parallel park. You might have a regular parking spot at your home, your place of work, and the businesses you frequent. We’re all subjected to the occasional trip to a big city, however, meaning that we’ll have to try our hands at parallel parking. The […]

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driving lessons online

Pros and Cons Of Taking Driving Lessons Online

Driver’s education allows you to learn essential safety precautions for new and experienced drivers alike. This proves vital as 50 million crash-related injuries occur each year. By keeping up with the laws and regulations for your state, you can cut down on your chances to get involved with one of these crashes. Driving lessons allow […]

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