5-Hour Driving Course

5 hour driving course online NY

Become the Safest, Most Skilled, and Most Confident Driver


The 5-hour driving class benefits:

  • Learn from the most trusted and experienced instructors in NY.
  • Learn online through Zoom.
  • No exams or boring quizzes.
  • Just attend the class and have a certificate mailed to you!
  • Learn for only 5 hours what could otherwise take weeks to learn
  • Interactive class!
  • Know how to deal with road rage
  • Avoid traffic tickets, and save on insurance costs, legal fees, and court fines.
  • Know how to drive safely, so you avoid accidents, save on medical costs and save lives
  • Be 1 step closer to getting your New York driver’s license

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the pre-licensing course?

The NY 5-hour pre-licensing course is an online-based program that equips new drivers with knowledge and skills to let them drive safely and comply with the NY traffic laws.

Who can take the 5-Hour course NY online?

Our pre-licensing online course is available to anyone in New York aged 16+ years with a driver’s permit.

What topics does the 5-hour course NY online cover?

1. The course covers the following areas:

2. Driving within the highway transport system

3. Attitudes, feelings, and risk-taking

4. Driver skills and habits

5. The relationship between alcohol, other drugs, and driving

Is the 5-hour course in NY mandatory?

Yes, this course is mandatory for NYS permit holders aged 16 and above. If you’d like to get a New York driver’s license, you must complete the 5-hour course online before scheduling a road test, increasing your chances of scoring more on the road test sheet.

What are the requirements for taking the 5-hour DMV course?

Before taking the 5-hour online class, you need to present:

  • A valid photo learner permit
  • Download the Zoom application.
  • Have reliable internet
  • Have a device with a clear camera and working microphone
  • Be in a quiet environment

When will I receive the Zoom course link?

We will send you the Zoom link 1 to 2 hours before the course starts.

How do I get my completion certificate?

Here are the options for getting your 5-hour course certificate:

  •  Option 1(Free – 5-8 business days wait time). Collect it from our offices at 891 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, during office hours.
  • Option 2: ($15 fee – 3-5 days wait time). We send it to you through regular mail with tracking.
  • Option 3: ($20 fee – 1-3 business days wait time). We send it through priority mail with tracking and delivery.

How long do I have to complete the online 5-Hour class NYC?

According to NYS DMV regulations, you must complete the 5-hour online pre-licensing course within 30 days of registering