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5 Hour Driving Course

Join our pre-licensing course and learn online how to become a safe and confident driver within five hours.

Road Test Appointment

With our help, you can book a road test near the school and we will ensure you get an earlier date for your test.

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Learn from the best instructors by joining our Personalized driving instructions and become the most safe and confident driver.

Road Test Sites Near Travis 

1. Staten Island Road Test Site

Location: Grandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Navigate your way to success with ease! Follow I-278 to the South Avenue Exit, take a right onto South Ave, then head towards Forest Ave. Turn right onto Forest Ave, continue for one block, and make a left onto Grandview Avenue. Look to your right for our lineup, facing Netherlands Avenue. Remember, it kicks off behind Kohl’s Department Store, not in the parking lot. 

2. Lenevar Avenue Road Test Site

LocationLenevar Avenue between Lamont Ave and Edgegrove Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309

Directions: Get on the road to success! Take the Staten Island Expressway to the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Take Exit 3 and at the Bloomingdale Road light, make a left turn. Continue to Woodrow Road, turn left, then make a right onto Lenevar Avenue. As you pass Ramona Avenue, line up on the right side facing Edgegrove Avenue, where you’ll spot the red parking signs. 


Why Choose Travis Driving School?

DMV-certified Instructors

Our driving instructors are patient, friendly, and DMV-certified. They are highly knowledgeable and thus will train you to become a competent driver.

High Success Rate

When you join Travis Driving School, you will receive the necessary skills and knowledge you need to pass your road test. 

Top-rated School

Pierre Paul Driving School has a Google rating of 4.8 thus you are assured of high-quality yet affordable training.

Multilingual Lessons

We offer driving lessons in English, French, Spanish, and Creole.

5 Exciting Spots in Travis, Staten Island  to Practice Driving 

Here are 9 amazing places in Travis, Staten Island, where new drivers can explore and enhance their driving skills:

Driving lessons in Travis


1. Goethals Bridge

Practice merging onto this bridge connecting Staten Island to New Jersey. It offers a mix of highway and bridge driving experiences.

2. Freshkills Park

An expansive park with wide roads and parking lots, perfect for mastering parking and low-traffic driving.

3. Victory Boulevard

This road features various traffic conditions, making it great for learning to adapt to different driving scenarios.

4. Staten Island Industrial Park

Navigate through industrial areas with less traffic on weekends or evenings to build your driving confidence at your own pace.

5. Staten Island Go-Karts

While not a road, this go-kart track can help you improve your handling skills in a controlled setting.

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