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Driver’s education allows you to learn essential safety precautions for new and experienced drivers alike. This proves vital as 50 million crash-related injuries occur each year.

By keeping up with the laws and regulations for your state, you can cut down on your chances to get involved with one of these crashes. Driving lessons allow you to learn or remind yourself of these regulations.

The question comes in, how should you participate in these lessons. Many people have turned to driving lessons online, but you should know what you’re getting into. Online courses have many pros and cons related to their instruction.

Driver’s Ed Options

When it comes to driving lessons, you have two options. You can take part in classroom instruction or online instruction.

Classroom instruction involves in-person lessons created to meet state standards for instruction hours needed. In person lessons usually include options for hands-on driving lessons along with the classroom hours.

Classroom instruction allows for one-on-one instruction and interaction with instructors and students. Not all school districts offer courses though, so this option might still require a private school.

Online instruction involves students completing reading and lessons online. These instructions usually include mini tests to show an understanding of the materials.

Pros of Driving Lessons Online

Classroom instruction does not allow you to do the lessons on your own time. If you miss a class, you might need to retake the course.

This makes online lessons useful for people with limited time. Internet driving school offers many pros you should consider when deciding which course to take.

Fewer Distractions

While classroom settings allow for more interaction, this also leads to more distractions. With an online class, you’re able to work on your own, cutting out these distractions.

If you’re the type of person that’s easily distracted, this option could work for you. You can work in a quiet atmosphere, or at least choose your distractions.


With an online driving class, you can complete the lessons on your own time and at your own pace. You’re not required to show up at set times, and you can create your own schedule.

You also have the option of doing classes in your pajamas if you like. There’s no need to dress up for your computer. It is not a must that you leave the house to complete the lessons.

There is also an option to access the lessons multiple times if needed. This ensures you maintain a grasp of the lessons. Online classes also have the added benefit of a money-back guarantee if the lessons don’t meet your needs.


Online classes also offer more options for your driver’s education. Most states require some form of driver’s ed, but there’s limited availability in some areas.

Internet classes open opportunities for people in areas where other options remain limited. This ensures you can meet the state requirements no matter where you live.

Cons of Internet Driving School

Before you run to your computer and sign up for an online class, you need to consider the drawbacks of online driving lessons. Understanding the issues involved will help you make the best decision for your money.

Limited Interaction

Online lessons require you to stay on top of your lessons. You don’t have access to instructors when questions arise. You don’t have access to your peers for further discussion.

You have to motivate yourself to complete the lessons. Internet lessons don’t work well for people who aren’t self-directed learners. If you can’t organize your efforts or work without supervision, you should ignore this option.

Instructors Are Not Local

You might think it doesn’t matter where your instructor lives, but local instructors have benefits. Local classes provide instructors familiar with local traffic situations.

Online instructors don’t know your area. They don’t see the traffic patterns or tricky areas. This leaves you at a disadvantage when it comes to learning safety precautions.

Must Avoid Online Scams

For your lessons to meet state requirements, the education program must get certified by the courts. This means you must pay attention to the online schools to ensure they have the required certification.

Not every online school maintains certification in every state. Read the certification information to make sure the lessons prove worth your money.

Moreover, you also need to watch out for scammers that sell lessons with no certification at all. This leaves you with the responsibility to pay attention to the offers provided.

Access to Certificate of Completion

When you complete lessons in a classroom setting, you receive the certificate in class once you complete the program. With online lessons, you must wait for them to mail the certificate.

It’s your responsibility to ensure you get the certification needed, so you will need to make sure the school sends it to you. This can prove challenging at times, as the school doesn’t exist locally.

Possibility of Hidden Fees

When you sign up for online driving lessons, you need to pay attention to the fine print. Make sure you know all the services you receive with the program.

Some schools add hidden fees for certain services. You need to make sure you know what you’re paying for upfront.

Technical Difficulties

Any time you deal with the internet, you come against the possibility of technical difficulties. You can come across internet service issues, website issues or maintenance, or even slow connections.

Since all your materials exist online with internet schools, these technical interruptions cause education interruptions as well. The need for an internet connection also causes issues for people in areas with fewer internet options.

Find the Right Driving School Option for You

Do driving lessons online sound like the best option for you? Or, do you prefer the idea of in-person education? If you want the support of a classroom setting in Brooklyn you want a school that offers options.

Moreover, if you’re ready to move forward with your driver’s education, you need to find the right lesson package.

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