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Greenwood Heights Driving School

Learn and hone your driving skills at our school in Greenwood Heights.

We guarantee learners maximum effort to ensure they are acquainted with all knowledge and skills necessary to be a quality driver.

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5 Hour Driving Course

We provide the 5-hour driving course online to prepare learners undertake their road test confidently.

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Road Test Sites Near Greenwood Heights

1. Red Hook DMV Road Test Site

113 Bay St Between Hicks and Henry Streets, Brooklyn, New York 11231

2. Coney Island DMV Road Test Site

2875 W. 8th Street – Between Neptune Avenue and West 33rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11224


Why Pierre Paul Driving School

We are a leading driving school in Greenwood Heights, providing quality driver training to nearby residents. Besides, we are dedicated to training and instilling the character necessary to drive safely and harmoniously with other motorists.

We have a team of expert trainers ready to share their knowledge and experience with learners of all ages and driving backgrounds.

Our flexible lesson schedules allow learners to control their class attendance time. It helps learners to plan for their lessons and practice accordingly.

We use the updated driving curriculum with the latest technology and learning modules for the comprehensive lessons that our roads today require.

About Driving in Greenwood Heights,

Greenwood Heights is a quiet, attractive close-by suburb of Brooklyn, New York. It is an ideal location to live in and learn to drive. There are many road test sites and a brilliant network of roads with fast and convenient highway access.

driving lessons in Greenwood Heights

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Greenwood Heights has many cool places to explore, eat, and retreat. Locals and visitors love the area because of the amazing restaurants and eateries that cater to people of all origins.

The nearby parks include Sunset Park, Bush Terminal Piers Park, Red Hook Park, and Slope Park Playground.

But the main attraction in Greenwood Heights is the Green Wood Cemetery, one of the first Rural cemeteries in the United States. It was founded in 1838 and memorialized the dead with a verdant display of monuments, mausoleums, and statues.

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