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Easiest Road Test Sites Near Ditmas Park

1. Beverly Road

Location — Schenectady Avenue at Beverly Road – Line up on Schenectady Avenue facing Beverly Road, alongside the cemetery Brooklyn, NY 11203

2. Ditmas Avenue

Location — Line up on Ditmas Ave facing 86th Street, alongside the National Grid building beginning from 83rd street. Brooklyn, NY 11236


About Driving Lessons in Ditmas Park

You will have the best experience driving in Ditmas Park alongside your instructor, who will make things easy around pedestrians and teach you how to use the mirrors to ensure no one is on your way.

driving lessons in Ditmas Park


When driving in this area, you will understand maneuvering on busy roads and quickly move at intersections and challenging routes. Your instructor will help you navigate tight roads with cars parked on the sides.

I love that there is a road test site in Ditmas park on Ditmas Avenue facing 86th street, near the National Grid Building, for an authentic experience of what to expect during the test.

The area is home to fantastic entertainment where you can visit Kings theater for movie time after your classes. You will enjoy the attractions of Greenwood Cemetery, the Dutch Reformed Church, and Prospect Park South, which are significant visitors’ attraction sites.

You will love the pleasant smell of hotels and the sight of attractive rocking chairs and friendly neighbors. There are also a few less busy streets where you can improve your parking skills before hitting major New York roads.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Ditmas Park?

1. Certified and Friendly Instructors

Our school has the most experienced instructors to make your learning process effortless. They are familiar with Ditmas park, making it easier to determine which road is best for beginners.

2. We Understand Your Schedule

Our professional team listens to every student and helps them fix classes at the most convenient time, depending on their schedule. 

You can choose the best day from our working hours. We also offer private instruction during weekends for a student with a busy schedule throughout the week.

4. Teens and Adults Love Our Services

Our reviews show that parents love bringing their teens to Pierre Paul driving school for the best experience behind the wheel.

Our instructors handle teens well, teaching them the importance of keeping their phones away and avoiding distractions when driving, making them confident drivers.

We offer training for adults and ensure they have an exciting time, not to mention that we have training for a senior citizen who wants to take a retest.