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Road Test Sites In Central Harlem

1. Kissena Park

Location: Located at 56-1 164th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365, United States.

Direction: From FDR Drive, take RFK Bridge to Queens. Follow signs to Grand Central Pkwy East and take exit 20 towards College Point Blvd. Turn right onto College Point Blvd, then left onto Booth Memorial Ave. Turn left onto 164th St. The site is on your right.

2. Ozone Park

Location: Located at 84-02 106th Ave, Queens, NY 11417, United States.

Direction: From RFK Bridge, take GCP East and exit at 69th St. Turn left on 69th St, then right onto 99th St. Continue onto 101st Ave and turn left on 106th Ave. The road test site is on the right.

Why Pierre Paul Driving School?

1. Affordable Packages

Pierre Paul Driving School offers customizable driving packages at affordable rates, so you can choose what works best for you.

2. Engaging-Online Course

They provide a 5-hour online driving course that is educational and engaging.

3. Pick-up and Drop-off Service

Pierre Paul Driving School offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services for students located in Central Harlem.

Exploring Central Harlem: Ideal Spots for New Drivers to Sharpen Skills

If you’re a new driver looking to build your skills in Central Harlem, NYC, you have a variety of options to explore:

driving lessons in Central Harmel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Marcus Garvey Park

This park provides open spaces and parking lots where you can practice parking, turning, and low-speed maneuvers. It’s a relaxed environment to get comfortable behind the wheel.

Lenox Avenue

Start on the less busy sections of Lenox Avenue to practice lane changes, maintaining speed, and navigating intersections. As you gain confidence, you can gradually move to busier parts of the avenue.

Residential Streets

Central Harlem has many quiet residential streets that are perfect for new drivers. These streets offer an opportunity to work on basic skills like signaling, braking, and observing traffic rules.

Local Parking Lots

Visit nearby supermarkets or shopping centers during off-peak hours to practice parking and maneuvering in an empty parking lot. It’s an excellent way to refine your control over the vehicle.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard

As you progress, you can venture onto Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, a major thoroughfare. It will help you become more comfortable with city driving, including traffic signals and different road conditions.

Malcolm X Boulevard

Another option for practicing urban driving is Malcolm X Boulevard. It’s a vibrant street with a mix of businesses and residential areas, allowing you to work on your city driving skills.

Frederick Douglass Boulevard

This boulevard provides a combination of quieter and busier sections, making it a good choice for transitioning from residential to more commercial driving environments.

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