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Learn how to drive safely in our pre-licensing online course and get closer to owning a driver’s license.

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Schedule a road test with our help near Woodhaven Driving School and be among the first to do and pass their road tests.

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Get personalized driving lessons that meet your needs and get trained by our friendly and patient instructors.

1. Cunningham Park DMV Road Test Site

LocationHollis Hills Terrace between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike facing 73rd Avenue Cunningham Park, NY 11366

Directions: Take the Long Island Expressway and exit at Francis Lewis Blvd, turning right. Continue until you reach 73rd Avenue, where you should turn left. At the second traffic light, make a right onto Hollis Hills Terrace. You’ll find the site on the right-hand side.

2. Ridgewood DMV Road Test Site

Location: On Stanhope St. facing Woodward Ave. Queens, NY 11385

Directions: Drive west on I-495, the Long Island Expressway. Take exit 19, directed towards NY-25/Woodhaven Blvd/Queens Blvd. Stay to the right and follow the signs for 60th St/Grand Ave, merging onto Queens Midtown Expressway. Make a left turn at Grand Ave (which becomes Flushing Ave). Then, turn left onto Metropolitan Ave, followed by a right onto Grandview Ave. Finally, make a right onto Stanhope St. and line up, facing Woodward Ave.

Why Choose Woodhaven Driving School

1. Professionalism

Our driving instructors are known for the experience and professionalism that helps to produce the best drivers.

2. Patient and Friendly Instructors

Our DMV-certified and highly qualified instructors in Woodhaven turn timid students into safe and confident drivers.

3. Modern Vehicles

We have modern and well-maintained vehicles so that our students are comfortable while doing their road tests. 

4. We Offer Transport Logistics

We pick up and drop off students so they can worry less about transport and focus more on their driving lessons.

Stunning Spots to Practice Your Driving Skills in Woodhaven

Discover the exciting places in Woodhaven, Queens, perfect for new drivers to enhance their driving skills. Let’s explore them together:

Woodhaven driving school


1. Forest Park

With its wide roads and scenic drives, Forest Park provides a serene environment for practicing various driving maneuvers.

2. Queens Center Mall

The mall’s expansive parking lots can be ideal for practicing parking and low-speed driving exercises in a controlled environment.

3. Forest Park Golf Course

The golf course’s access roads offer opportunities to practice turns, lane changes, and driving on winding paths.

4. Woodhaven Boulevard

Practice merging onto highways and dealing with busy intersections on this major road.

5. Local Residential Streets

Woodhaven has many quiet, residential streets where new drivers can practice basic skills like parallel parking, stops, and turns with minimal traffic.

6. Woodhaven Historical Society

Explore the Woodhaven Historical Society and its surroundings, which include well-maintained streets and intersections ideal for honing your driving skills.

7. Queens Center Mall

The mall’s expansive parking lots provide a safe space for new drivers to practice parking, turning, and maneuvering at low speeds.

Your Road to Success Begins with Us

Enroll in our Woodhaven driving lessons and steer toward a bright future.