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Road Test Locations Near Whitestone 

1. Ozone Park

Location: On 84th St between 108th Ave and 106th Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417

Directions: Arrange yourselves in a row facing 108th Ave.

2. Seaview Road Test Site

LocationSeaview Avenue and East 104th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Directions: Drive on the Belt Parkway until you reach the Rockaway Parkway Exit. Continue north on Rockaway Parkway until you reach Seaview Avenue. Make a right turn onto Seaview Avenue and continue straight. Pullover just before reaching East 104th Street.

3. Fresh Meadows

Location: On 58th Avenue – between Underhill Avenue and 192nd Street – facing 192nd Street Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Directions: Take the Long Island Expressway and exit at Francis Lewis Blvd. Make a left turn onto Francis Lewis Blvd, then proceed to 58th Avenue and make another left. Continue until you reach Underhill Avenue, and finally, park on 58th Avenue, facing 192nd Street.

Why Join Pierre Paul Driving School in Whitestone?

1. DMV-certified Instructors

 Our driving instructors in Whitestone are highly qualified and experienced; thus, you will get the best skills and knowledge you need on the road.

2. 97% success rate 

Students who fail their road test in other schools pass on their first attempt at Whitestone Driving School. 

3. Vast Expertise

Pierre Paul Driving School has trained teens, adults, and parents to become safe and confident drivers for over 15 years.  

4. Flexible Lessons

Our comprehensive driving lessons at Whitestone Driving School are flexible, thus allowing you to learn at your own pace.

About Driving in Whitestone

Whitestone, Queens, offers exciting spots for new drivers to explore and improve their driving skills. Let’s check them out:

driving school in whitestone, queens


1. Whitestone Bridge

Crossing the Whitestone Bridge provides a scenic view of the East River and Manhattan. It’s an excellent opportunity for new drivers to get comfortable with bridge driving and enjoy beautiful vistas.

2. Francis Lewis Park

This park offers spacious parking lots and quiet streets where new drivers can practice parking, maneuvering, and driving comfortably.

3. Whitestone Expressway

The Whitestone Expressway provides a relatively less congested environment for practicing highway driving skills and merging onto busy highways.

4. Powell’s Cove Park

This park has scenic roads and pathways that can be a peaceful place for new drivers to practice driving in a tranquil setting.

5. Whitestone Shopping Center

Shopping centers with large parking lots, like the Whitestone Shopping Center, offer opportunities for practicing parking, reversing, and navigating in a controlled environment.

6. Local Schools and Parking Lots

 Check if nearby schools or empty parking lots allow driving practice during non-school hours. These places often offer safe spaces to practice various driving skills.

7. Local Residential Streets

Whitestone has many quiet, residential streets where new drivers can practice basic driving skills like turns, stops, and lane changes with minimal traffic.

Ready to Hit the Whitestone Roads?

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