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You can be both nervous and excited about the day you are to have your first driving lesson. so here is to what expect from the first driving lesson. Let’s dig in.

It is different from your first theory lesson because you must be more alert and active this time around. No room for daydreaming or absentmindedness usually goes unnoticed in a theory class.

But that aside, you can develop calm, studied calmness, and confidence by simply getting a preview of what to expect on your first driving lesson. Indeed, the same tactic applies when you are preparing for the road test.

It pays to prepare for a day like this so that you do not come across as clueless and disinterested. Your instructor will love to have an eager learner who knows one or two things to expect.

1 You Will Be Asked To Produce Your Learner’s Permit

What to expect from the first driving lesson

You cannot be allowed anywhere near the driver’s seat if you do not have your Learner’s Permit. That’s the first thing your instructor may want to check before you enter the car. Do not forget to carry it with you.

2. You Will First Sit In the Passenger Seat

Would you want to be at the wheel the moment you enter the car for the first time? You are still too nervous or anxious to steadily steer the wheel.

The instructor will ask you to sit in the passenger seat at first, and then he will drive for some time to a quiet road with little to no traffic. It can even be a parking lot.

3. You Will Be Asked To Sit In the Driver’s Seat

Once the instructor gets the car to a quiet, less busy road, you will be asked to take the wheel. That should not surprise you.

4. You Will Be Taken Through the Cockpit Drill

Once you take the driver’s seat, your instructor will take you through the cockpit drill, introducing you to the checks you will always do each time you drive.

The cockpit drill includes:

5. You Will Be Introduced To the Controls

What to expect from the first driving lesson

You will be taken through the controls that send commands to the car, from the steering wheel, brake, clutch, handbrake, accelerator, indicator, and gear.

6. You Will Learn Why Looking In the Mirror Is Especially Important

Your instructor may take much time explaining why you should never ignore the mirrors when driving. This is meant to make you appreciate their importance.

While at it, remember it takes time to get used to the mirrors. The objects you see in your rearview mirror will appear backward, and your brain has to learn to turn them around and figure out where exactly they are.

The objects in the rearview mirror may also be much closer than they appear to you, so your eyes will have to learn to calculate their actual distance.

7. You Will Be Free To Ask Questions

Do not maintain silence if you have a question to ask. You can even ask to be retaken through the induction if you feel you didn’t understand everything clearly.

Asking questions can also help you to build a bond with the instructor. Both of you must work as a team. He is there to help you, not reprimand you, so speak up where necessary.

8. You Will Drive

What to expect from the first driving lesson

Yes. You will literally drive during your first driving lesson. It is not a theory lesson. The instructor will explain how you start the car, and then you will start it.

You will learn how to control the clutch, use/change your gears, check your mirrors, signal the indicator, stop the car, and other basics you can’t drive without knowing.

New generation driving school cars have a separate set of controls for the instructor so that should you make a mistake, he can correct it in time. This is meant to protect you and the instructor from harm.

This thought should also keep you relaxed, knowing the instructor is also in charge of the vehicle.

On your first day, don’t expect to be asked to do some advanced things, like doing a 3-point turn or how to pull out from parallel parking. That can wait until you are used to driving.

9. You Will Switch Seats Many Times

You will not be seated in the driver’s seat all the time once you get to it. The instructor will be getting back to it once in a while to demonstrate something to you.

As he demonstrates, you should keenly observe his actions so that you can later perform them correctly once you get back on the wheel.

It could be about showing you how to steer the car, how to hold the steering wheel, read the gauges, ease off the brake, or even stop a vehicle. In short, don’t be taken aback each time the instructor asks you to switch seats with him.

Remember, you are not here to drive but to learn to drive. This is an extension of the classroom.

Wrap Up

On the night before your first driving lesson, it would be better if you don’t drink so that you do not experience a hangover the following morning. That is, if you drink.

Ensure you verify where and when you will be picked up. If you have vision challenges, get good glasses.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, our instructors will put you at ease during your first driving lesson. This is not about testing your skills, but teaching you the skills, so they will be patient with you, even if you make mistakes. That’s the only way you can learn to drive.

Our instructors are friendly. Reach out to us today to start your driving lessons as soon as possible.