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Are you inspired to join a Brooklyn, NY, driving school, but you are trying to figure out what you will cover in your driving education journey? Brooklyn driving schools have punctual driving lessons you will cover through your driver education, followed by tests determining your qualifications.

Driver education aims to get you a license, ensure you are safe on the roads, and transform you into a NY-qualified driver. To get your license, you should fulfill the state driving requirement. The NY driving schools are different, but the state gives specific topics that should be taught equally in all schools.

Here are the Brooklyn, NY, requirements for you to get your driving license.

The entire 48-hour Driver’s Education courses may only be taught by a public or private school, including a BOCES or a college. The schools may contract with a commercial driving school for the behind-the-wheel components of the course. Private driving schools may teach the five-hour Pre-licensing course.

The article will cover what to expect in your driver’s education after joining a driving school.

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What To Expect in Your Driver’s Education Journey

1. Traffic Safety Course

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The entire 48-hour course is a wise option for most new drivers. The course will provide the necessary driving knowledge and closely supervised training in actual or simulated driving conditions. Many teens will have access to driver education in school. Older new drivers may want to find a course at a nearby Community College. Your behind-the-wheel driving school instructor will help you apply these lessons in Brooklyn.

The 24 hours of classroom time cover the following topics.

2. Behind the Wheel

Behind the wheel is a lesson that is most exciting and essential for your road test. Consider taking this lesson seriously by being focused and determined.

It covers essential things like wearing a seatbelt, checking blind spots and mirrors before turning or changing lanes, using turn signals, adhering to speed limits, and checking the surrounding.

The 24 hours of “Laboratory” time is divided into three components

3. Supervised Driving

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If you are under 18, you must complete at least 50 hours of supervised practice driving. At least 15 hours must be completed at night, while 10 hours must be in moderate to heavy traffic. Time spent with your instructor from a Brooklyn driving school counts towards this requirement.

The supervising driver must be at least 21 years old and licensed to drive the type of vehicle used. Form MV-262 is a parental certification of the completion of hours and allows the driving school to indicate the number of hours the student drove under the school’s instruction. All other hours are certified by the signature of the parent/guardian. Hours driven during the Driver’s Education and Traffic Safety course count towards the 50 hours.

The New York DMV does not require new drivers over 18 to engage in 50 hours of supervised practice driving; the state does, however, strongly recommend it. Completion of the entire course also may result in a reduction in your insurance premiums.

4. Written Test

A written test in driver education aims to ensure that a driver can safely operate a motor vehicle and has a basic road rule understanding.

The test covers essential topics like road signs, driving techniques, and traffic laws. It has 20 questions, and you should get 14 of them correctly to pass and qualify to do the road test.

If you fail the written test, you can retake it until you pass. The test is set in multiple-choice questions where you can choose those that favor you more.

The test is done at the DMV office around Brooklyn, NY, or any authorized centers, but it is also part of driver education.

5. Road Test

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Scheduling the road test is done online. You may take the road test anywhere in New York—you don’t need to take it near your home. The state suggests scheduling the road test as early as possible—the wait time is three-to-five weeks, but in summer may be up to 10 weeks.

When you go to your road test, you must bring the certificate indicating the required driver’s education completion. The 5-hour Pre-licensing Certificate (MV-278) is given to you on successful 5-hour driving course completion. You must bring the original of the certificate, not a copy.

You must bring a proper vehicle for the road test. The vehicle must be registered and inspected, and a licensed driver 21 or older must be with you. The car must be clean and have functional headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, and seatbelts. Some driving schools in Brooklyn may allow you to use their vehicles for the road test.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Driver’s License in NY?

The license takes precisely two weeks to get after you have passed all of your tests. After you get your driver’s license, you can legally drive on the NY road. You will receive the license through the mail to the recorded address in the DMV office.

If the license is delivered after the recommended two weeks, you can contact the DMV office, call the DMV, or send a message online.

What Are Some Tips for Safe Driving in NY?

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To be a qualified driver, you should follow some tips to keep yourself, your family, and the people around you safe. Safety should be the priority in driving.

Some of the safety driving tips include.

What Are the Driving Rules in NY?

The general driving rule in NY is that drivers must yield to give way to pedestrians and other motorists. Furthermore, NY drivers must also yield to road pedestrians whether they are crossing at a marked area or an unmarked area. This rule reduces and avoids any occasion of an accident.

Final Sayings

If you have the motive to be a safe, qualified, and well-equipped driver, you should consider choosing a school with quality driver education.

It’s wise to have a little knowledge before joining your chosen school. Schools like Pierre Paul Driving School have qualified and friendly instructors who will take you through the driver’s education until you reap good driving techniques and a driver’s license.