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If you’re considering buying a new vehicle and don’t know what the color of your car says about you, you’re in the right place. Think carefully about which hue you choose because it can reveal information about your personality. 

For instance, gray shouts practicality, dark blue expresses confidence, and black is known to be a powerful color.

Keep reading to determine which color most closely reflects your personality.

Here’s What the Color of Your Car Says About You

what the color of your car says about you

1. Red

Enjoys taking the spotlight and being the center of attention. They are probably self-assured, always looking for the next experience, and always living life on the fast track.

They take risks, often unreasonable risks. Notably, they tend to be the friend who is the most gregarious, outgoing, and spontaneous.

Red has a shorter wavelength than any other color, so we perceive it first, giving the illusion that it is moving more quickly.

In a parking lot, if there is just one red automobile out of all the others, we will always notice it first.

2. Grey

These are individuals who probably favor being anonymous. They prefer to move through life invisibly and escape notice since they don’t necessarily want to be seen.

They avoid being in the limelight and never make demands for it. The complete opposite of folks who drive red automobiles is the owner of a grey vehicle.

Grey automobile owners may have a more traditional viewpoint. They are typically not impulsive. They are deliberate, consider their options, and avoid making hasty decisions.

3. Black

The color black is the epitome of authority; wearing it denotes having control, much like a bouncer wearing a black suit. Perfectionists who rarely compromise are the types of people that drive black automobiles.

Additionally, the color black evokes elegance and glamour. It has an allure and a sense of mystery. Like other drivers, those who choose black automobiles wonder who’s inside.

Having a black car exudes a heightened sense of luxury and is aspired-to color.

4. Silver

what your car says about you

Surprisingly, many who choose silver cars aren’t flashy. Mostly, they share many characteristics with people who drive gray automobiles; they simply like silver’s prestige.

They value the nice things there are and are quiet and calm. They live a measured life and enjoy finer things, adding extra excitement to life.

5. Yellow

These individuals live and breathe sunlight, joy, and smiles. They enjoy spreading their joy to others and have a positive, happy mindset.

They chirp happily as they go about their lives. On the other hand, they are eternally cheery and enjoy staying outside and bringing joy to others by making them laugh and smile.

Yellow automobile drivers are more likely to be upbeat and have a constant ray of sunlight above their heads, even on a gloomy, dreary day.

6. Gold

Driving in a gold car requires a lot of confidence, and the owner doesn’t mind being recognized for their achievement.

Gold has traditionally been a sign of social rank. So you can project the appearance of affluence by driving gold cars or having them painted gold.

You might see someone driving an affluent gold automobile, but in most cases, if you own a gold car, your color decision may have more to do with confidence than money.

7. White

what a white car says about you

To begin with, white is associated with purity and has a spotless aspect. Since white doesn’t elicit any strong emotional responses from us, those who value order and simplicity in their lives are more likely to purchase white cars.

White automobile owners desire to be removed from the commotion and clamor of the outer world. In essence, they seek simplicity or peace, much like those who choose minimalist white homes and seek order and calmness in their lives.

8. Light Blue

People that choose this color car are tranquil and upbeat in their outlook because it is a calming light color. They like to strike up conversations and have a tendency to be friendly.

The “blue-sky” thinkers are they. Although they could be characterized as laid back, they still need mental comfort. They want to be encircled by softer hues and appreciate being enveloped in calming colors.

9. Dark Blue

It is a symbol of wisdom and power. Dark blue car buyers enjoy imparting this information to others.

A dark blue automobile may indicate its owner is sensible and logical. Dark blue aids concentration and focus; thus, those who drive blue automobiles probably have many of these skills. 

Moreover, It’s color that implies trust, which is why individuals dress in dark blue for work or job interviews: they want to come off as reliable, knowledgeable, and honest.

10. Orange

feminine car colors

Orange revolves around happiness, good times, and play. These vehicle owners are usually friendly and fun-loving people.

Lastly, They are very friendly. For them, living is about exploring new places, engaging in thrilling activities, and spreading the fun with others around them.

11. Green

Owners of green vehicles know that British Racing Green once had a lot of prestige. They are probably older, more experienced, and wiser drivers. Additionally, They could be retired and taking advantage of their newfound independence.

This color exudes a sense of tradition and grandeur. The driver might have nostalgia because dark green autos are connected with a bygone age. They also like thinking back on the past.

12. Lime Green

A younger person, possibly a teenager, will choose a lime green car if it’s their first car—than others.

On the other hand, even when they get older, they still have a youthful spirit and a love for life.

They are all about fresh starts and new chapters and maybe energizing.

13. Brown

This color could signal to other drivers that the person behind the wheel is steady, dependable, and dependable.

They have a solid foundation and always show up when they promise. Don’t be shocked if they are the first to help you if you get a puncture on the road.

Furthermore, these kinds of individuals are composed, unassuming, and want to fit in and carry on with their lives.

14. Pink

car colors to avoid

One could say that those who drive around soft pink cars are always hugging the road. Furthermore, they are kind, sympathetic, nurturing, and always put others before themselves.

People that drive pink cars will always welcome you into their homes with open arms and may even make you some tea and a slice of cake.

They are the folks who will keep tabs on you and are always there to lend a listening ear.


If you’ve been wondering what the color of your car says about you, this guide has answered your questions. Darker shades of red, such as brick red or burgundy, indicate sensual characters. They express all about the red-loving person while also adding a hint of sensuality.

Black is among the most popular automobile colors globally, coming in third place behind white and silver.

It is a common choice for many luxurious automobiles since it shows riches, ambition, and power.