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After long hours of practising and familiarizing yourself with road rules and requirements, the next question in your mind is, “what should I wear to my driving test?”

Your dressing should feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel. Smartly dressed will create a good first impression on your examiner, which will be a plus to your test results.

Stick on as we help you choose the best outfit for your driving test.

Which Are the Right Clothes for My Driving Test?


First, ensure the clothes are comfortable and don’t restrict your driving movement. Wear loose clothes; it will be easy to move your body when looking at your mirrors and maneuvering.

It’s good to check the weather since it helps you decide on the best clothing. If you are taking your test during winter, ensure you have warm clothing, plus a pair of driving gloves will help. If it’s summer, wear a light top or t-shirt.

If you have warm clothing and the weather changes, you could request your examiner if you can stop and remove the excess clothing, and they will be kind enough to let you do it.

Don’t pick the clothes from the laundry basket; ensure your clothes are clean before the test day. If you are sweaty, use a mild body splash on your clothing. Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with opening the window when it gets hot.

What Kind of Shoes is Safe for my Driving Test?

What should I wear to my driving test?


The kind of shoes you wear plays a big role in determining how you perform in your test since your feet play an important role in driving.

Driving shoes should also have a slim sole for easier feet synching, and remember to check its grip for an effortless driving session. Your pair should be lightweight.

A pair of heels or uneven shoes will make your driving uncomfortable since your feet will be straining. Flip flops aren’t better since they can easily slip between the pedals, and it’s dangerous.

Additionally, boots may feel uncomfortable while driving, especially if they are very long. The best driving shoes should be flat and protect your feet.

Lastly, ensure your shoes are well-fitting since oversize shoes can easily slip from your feet which may lead to accidents. If you don’t have specific driving shoes, your pair of Converse or Vans will be perfect.

Can I Wear Sunglasses During my Driving Test?

can I sunglasses during driving test?

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There’s nothing wrong with having your pair of sunglasses during your driving test. Get the best anti-glare glasses to reduce the light during the day and light from the oncoming headlight. 

The best part is you can find some driving glasses that you can wear on top of your prescription glasses.

However, some examiners will prefer when you aren’t in dark sunglasses since it restricts their ability to check if you are looking at your mirrors. The sunglasses may make driving harder, especially on a dim day or evening.

What is the Best Hairstyle for my Driving Test?

There’s no specific hairstyle for a driving test; you only need to ensure that your style doesn’t distract your driving. The hair should cover the face or be in a style that keeps moving to your face, and you must keep flipping it.

If you have very long hair, tie it at the back or in a high ponytail, and it will make it easier for your examiner to see your eye and head movement when glancing at your mirrors.

Additionally, wear earrings that won’t distract you as you move your head. Dangling earrings will show your head movement.

Can I Wear a Hat During my Driving Test?

can wear a hat on my driving test?

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Most examiners will suggest that you remove the hat during the test since it may hinder them from seeing how you are checking your mirrors. Wear the hat on your way to the test area but keep it in your bag before you begin your test.

Can I Wear Shorts During my Driving Test?

Driving tests are not interviews, and they have no specific dress code. Ensure your short is comfortable, doesn’t distract you, and won’t alter the first impression on your examiner. You would succeed in your test even if you took it in shorts.

Do I Have to Wear Shoes for My Driving Test?

Of course, yes. Driving barefoot shouldn’t run through your mind unless it’s the only option. However, I would choose driving barefoot rather than on heels and flip-flops.

The danger of driving barefoot is you may need to make a sudden stop, and it’s harder to press the brake pedal firmly and swiftly barefoot, which could lead to a crash.

If you have an older car with smaller pedals, you need a lot of pressure to use them, which is hard on barefoot. Remember that if you continue driving barefoot, you may feel sharp pain while pressing the pedals.

How Can I Make my Driving Test Feel Good?

First, ensure you have practiced enough and reviewed your notes before taking the test. Take enough water to keep you hydrated. Fruits, and especially a banana, will help in cooling your nerves.

To avoid rush confusion, wake up early and prepare the documents to carry to your test the night before. Avoid taking anything alcoholic the night before your test, as you might even end up missing the test.

Lastly, don’t let anyone distract you while on the road. Keep all your attention on the road and the mirrors and the examiner will note positive remarks. Leave your phone at home and if you must carry it, switch it off or turn it to flight mode until you are done with the test.

Final Thoughts

An appropriate dressing will keep you comfortable, and you will easily move and look at your mirrors. Carry your sunglasses if it’s sunny and it would be best if you left your hat in your bag. Wear your driving shoes for easier clutching. You can take your instructor to the test as it will increase your confidence. All the best in your test.