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Failing your road test can be disheartening, especially if it happens multiple times. But don’t let it crush your spirits. Instead, view it as an opportunity to learn and improve. With the right approach and preparation, you can overcome this setback and succeed in your future attempts.

You just need to take a step back, analyze your mistakes, practice diligently, and consider seeking guidance from experienced instructors. With determination and perseverance, you can improve your skills and pass your road test successfully.

Failed Your Road Test 3 Times. What Now?

1. More Practice

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To perfect your skills behind the wheel after failing your road test, you should get additional hours to practice driving besides checking your notes.

Getting more time to focus on practice will keep you composed behind the wheel and ensure you arrive on the agreed time to avoid rushing, which can bring more panic. Ensure you spend 10 to 20 minutes in the car.

Before hitting the road, you can go through the tutorials, and checking the driving test score sheet will help you identify the areas that cause failure. With more practice, you can get to know your car well and have an easy time during the test.

2. Work on Your Confidence

Having confidence during road tests helps in passing. Wait until you build your confidence before scheduling another test.

Sometimes it’s good to get motivation from friends who have passed a test; you can even ask one to accompany you on the road for moral support.

Don’t get embarrassed about starting again, and don’t feel intimidated by other drivers who passed their test on the first attempt. 

Remember to take a break when you feel overwhelmed. Pull over, relax and take a deep breath to help increase focus and confidence when you return to the road.

3. Practice With an Instructor


When ready to practice more on your driving lessons, you can sign up for lessons with an instructor who will give you helpful tips to take you through.

Having dealt with different personalities in their work experience, professional instructors can tell why you are failing the test and even offer a solution. It could be the position of your hands on the steering wheel or how you handle emergencies, among others.

The instructor will help you improve how you are handling things and correct you whenever you make mistakes in a cool way.

Additionally, parallel parking is a daunting task, which could be one of the reasons you aren’t getting to the pass mark. Ask your instructor to take you through every step, plus you can read our article on parallel parking tips.

4. Review Your Driver’s Test

To learn from your mistakes, it’s best you sit and look at your score sheet in detail and understand the areas that earned you the failure. The marks awarded on each point will tell how you performed.

Go through the raw score for each objective to ensure you don’t miss on certain points, and you can have the three score sheets to help you tally up your score. For example, if a low score on a three-point turn appears on the three tests, you should capitalize on that by dedicating more time to practicing it.

Once you perfect in areas with low scores, you will get better marks in the next road test, earning you a pass.

5. Change the Instructor


People have different personalities, and you may not feel your instructor’s impact, which could lead to failure. 

It’s even worse when the instructor doesn’t listen to you or becomes harsh when correcting mistakes, and this can cause anxiety when driving during the road test.

Discuss your concerns with the instructor politely; if there are no changes, switch to another instructor for better results.

6. Retake Driver’s Ed Course

The drives Ed course helps build your confidence on the road, and you should feel free to return to it for better performance in the road test.

Even if you had passed the driver’s ed course, taking the theory again can boost your performance in the practical class since people have different ways of getting a concept.

Here you will remind yourself about the traffic rules in New York, and it will help you maneuver easily. 

When retaking the class, feel confident and open to asking questions when you need to get the concept.

7. Try Different Roads


When taking the road test, you can’t tell the specific road that your examiner will take you for the test, and maybe you have been practicing in your neighborhood only.

With the help of your instructor, it’s time you hit those unfamiliar roads since they might turn out to be your test route.

Take your time and familiarize yourself with the road to the new test. You can make a simulation on some testing areas in the score card like obstacles and anticipation when a pedestrian appears. The mock tests will prepare you on what to expect on the road test.

How Many Times Can You Fail New York Road Test?

The amount you pay caters to two road tests, and if you fail the second test, there’s no cause for alarm, and you only need to pay and schedule another test. There’s no limit to how many to take, but with the above tips, I hope you can do better and won’t fail the test again.

Does My Learner’s Permit Remain Valid After Failing the Test?

The expiry date on your learner’s permit indicates its validity. If the permit expires immediately after the test, you must take another one to continue with practice before you schedule another one.

Can You Get the Same Driving Examiner Twice?

Yes. You can get the same examiner, but the failed test shouldn’t affect the upcoming one. However, with the DMV branches having multiple staff, you can have a different examiner. 

Remember, examiners have handled different personalities in the past, and there’s no need to get embarrassed.

Final Thoughts

Failing your road test shouldn’t make you feel like it’s the end of the world. Look at your test results, identify why you failed, and start preparing for the next test. Get an experienced instructor to take you through the next session for better results.

Work on your confidence behind the wheel, and you will have an easy time, plus schedule the test when you feel ready. All the best, and I hope you pass your test this time.