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Road Test Appointment

Booking a road test appointment on your behalf saves you the time of navigating the DMV's complex scheduling system.

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Road Test Locations Near Tompkinsville

1. Lenevar Avenue Road Test Site

Location: Lenevar Avenue between Lamont Avenue and Edgegrove Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309

Direction: Follow the Staten Island Expressway to the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Take Exit 3 and, at the Bloomingdale Road intersection, turn left. Continue until you reach Woodrow Road and make another left turn. Proceed to Lenevar Avenue and make a right turn. As you pass Ramona Avenue, line up on the right side, following the red parking signs, facing Edgegrove Avenue.

2. Fox Hill Road Test Site

Location: North side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction: Take the Staten Island Expressway West until you reach the Clove Road Exit. After exiting, keep driving until you arrive at Richmond Road, where you should make a left turn. At the next intersection, which is Narrows Road South, make another left turn. Stay in the right lane and continue until you can’t proceed any further, then make a left turn onto Mosel Avenue. Find a suitable spot to pull over on the right side under the underpass and join the lineup.

Why Enroll with Pierre Paul Driving School in Tompkinsville

1. Interactive Learning Experiences 

Through interactive learning, students have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and actively participate in discussions.

2. Licensed DMV-Approved Instructors 

We take pride in offering only licensed DMV-approved instructors who have undergone rigorous training and certification processes.

3. Road Test Readiness

With thorough preparation, you can step into the road test with the assurance that you have the skills and knowledge needed.

4. Prelicensing Classes

Our prelicensing classes are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass your driving test and obtain your driver’s license.


Visit These 5 Locations in Tompkinsville to Perfect Your Driving Skills

Driving lessons in Tompkinsville


1. Silver Lake Park

This scenic park has wide roads and parking areas where you can practice basic maneuvers, parking, and even hill starts. The tranquil surroundings make it an ideal place for beginners.

2. Tompkinsville Streets

The residential streets in the Tompkinsville neighborhood provide a safe and quiet environment for practicing turns, lane changes, and general driving skills.

3. Bay Street

Bay Street in Tompkinsville is a main thoroughfare with varying traffic conditions. It’s a great place to gain experience driving in more urban settings while still in a relatively calm part of the city.

4. St. George Ferry Terminal

While this area can be busier, it’s a great place to practice merging onto highways and dealing with heavier traffic. Just be sure to choose a time when the ferry terminal is less crowded.

5. Local Quiet Neighborhoods

Explore the quieter residential neighborhoods around Tompkinsville to practice your skills in a low-stress environment. These areas often have less traffic and provide ample opportunities for turning and parking practice.

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