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Road Test Locations Near Todt Hill

1. Fox Hills Road Test Site

Location – North side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction – Proceed west on the Staten Island Expressway and take the Clove Road Exit. Exit and continue until you reach Richmond Road, then make a left turn. At the subsequent intersection, make another left turn onto Narrows Road South. Stick to the right lane and continue until the road ends, making a left turn onto Mosel Avenue. Pull over to the right beneath the underpass and form a line.

2. Father Capodanno Blvd. Road Test Site

Location – Northside at Lincoln Avenue Staten Island, NY 10306

Direction – Use the Verrazano Bridge (preferably the lower level). Take the exit for Lily Pond Avenue South. Stay on Lily Pond Avenue as it transitions into Father Capodanno Blvd. Follow Father Capodanno until it reaches its end and U-turns going north. Right after completing the U-turn, you’ll spot prominent red signs on the right for lining up, starting at Lincoln Avenue.


Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Todt Hill

1. Well-Maintained Vehicles

Our vehicles undergo regular maintenance. Thus, you can be sure of getting a smooth driving experience.

2. Flexible Classes

We cater to students of various skill levels and provide classes for all ages.

3. Highest Passing Rates

We take immense pride in having the highest passing rates in Todt Hill.

4. Friendly driving instructors

Our instructors are very friendly to the students. Thus, they can easily note our students’ difficulties and challenges when driving.


Driving Confidence Unveiled: Navigating Todt Hill, Staten Island – A Guide for New Drivers

Driving lessons in Todt Hill


Below are some outstanding spots that can assist you in improving your driving skills:

1. Todt Hill Road

Start your practice by driving along Todt Hill Road, the main road in the area. It offers a mix of traffic conditions, providing ample opportunities to practice lane changes, merging, and navigating through various intersections.

2. The Statue of Liberty Overlook

Drive to the Statue of Liberty Overlook, where you can experience a combination of straight roads and beautiful views. It’s a great spot to practice maintaining a consistent speed and control over the vehicle.

3. Latourette Park and Golf Course

Visit Latourette Park to practice low-speed maneuvers and parking in a spacious environment. The golf course’s parking lots offer an ideal space to refine your control over the vehicle.

4. Staten Island Expressway

Drive along the Staten Island Expressway to experience highway driving and practice merging onto the highway. Pay close attention to lane changes and managing higher speeds.

5. Clove Lakes Park

Practice parking and low-speed maneuvers at Clove Lakes Park using the open spaces and designated parking areas. It’s a perfect location to enhance your parking skills.

Drive the Todt Hill Way, Drive the Right Way

Enroll in our driving lessons and navigate this community with skill and poise.