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Studies have found that car accidents double when youths drive with one friend as a passenger. This figure triples when two or more teen passengers are added. This is enough reason for them to learn how to drive safely with friends.

There are numerous laws put in place to minimize these numbers. Although, it is up to the kid to drive as safely as possible, whether alone or with their friends.

It is necessary to guide your teenager on the measures they need to take while driving with friends. I’ve sampled a few actions to help parents and teenagers achieve safety on the road.

Tips on How Teenagers Can Drive Safely with Friends

Establish the Car’s Rules

We all know teenagers tend to be unruly, so if your kid is driving with friends, ensure everyone in the car adheres to the following. That will help create some sobriety during the ride. 

Develop their Confidence

Confidence is critical for safe driving. When teenagers feel secure behind the wheel, they can make better choices.

You may help your teenagers feel more confident about these choices by emphasizing the necessity of defensive driving and consistently encouraging them to examine all possible outcomes.

You do not have to accompany them at all times, but if you spend enough time with them to build their confidence, they will feel much more secure on their own.

Familiarize Yourself with the Laws Governs Driving with Passengers

Most states have their own Graduated Driving Licensing (GDL) requirements, which means that the rules for driving with friends vary by state.

New drivers are issued an intermediate license that permits them to drive just during specified day hours without carrying passengers under a specific age. 

While other states allow them to have family members, others require new drivers to be supervised by an adult for a specified period.

Suppose a state offers this type of GDL program; indeed, drivers may be eligible for an unrestricted license at 17 or after six months without a collision or traffic penalty.

Following your state’s rules is a crucial first step toward ensuring your safety while driving with friends.

Do not show off

When you’re in the vehicle with pals, it’s natural to want to show off if you’ve recently obtained your driver’s license and are the first member of your social group to buy a car. 

You may face significant pressure to drive faster and more irresponsible than you are comfortable with.

Bear in mind that you have nothing to prove to anybody else, and driving outside your safety zone throws you and everyone in your car in danger.

Each year, several high school students across the United States sustain avoidable injuries due to their desire to impress their peers. The safe speed is in place for a purpose; adhering to it is critical to driving safely.

Don’t Let Friends Make the Decisions

When you’re behind the wheel, you’re entirely controlling your actions. Utilizing safe defensive driving strategies is entirely up to you.

While your pals may be urging you to crank up the volume on that song or accelerate to blow through that yellow light, driving to impress is never a great idea. You need to be vigilant, especially with a friend who is sitting at the co-driver’s seat, because that is the one that can make you lose focus.

You must be strict with anyone who is trying to take control. Even if it demands you to kick your friend out of the car, let it be. Don’t forget you’re the one who is accountable for the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

Select Your Passengers With Caution

It’s a good idea to begin by driving only passengers you trust and are willing to hear advice from.  Allow only authorized individuals into your car unless you are confident in your abilities. 

Any passengers that cause you tension or distraction will make you feel less secure. Besides, some insensitive individuals will turn the car into a playing ground, which can jeopardize driving.

Stay Away from Distractions

There are numerous distractions on the road, and you do not want your passengers to be part of it. As a driver, your primary responsibility should be to follow traffic laws and to be alert to other road users.

In this era of social media, teens can divert their attention to their smartphones while driving to see what is happening on Instagram or TikTok. It would be excellent if the driver could get something else to help them keep their focus in check.

Turning up the music with moderate volume can help you shut out distractions and retain concentration, so don’t be scared. Remember that hearing other cars is just as critical as seeing them.

Have faith in your abilities

Everybody has that one friend who is constantly criticizing their driving ability. When you are driving your vehicle, you must be able to filter out these individuals and rely on your instincts.

As long as you concentrate on cultivating safe driving habits, you may feel confident on the road. Allowing your friends to judge your poor driving skill may crash your confidence. Learn who to listen to whenever driving. 

Prioritize Safety

Your passengers’ safety is your responsibility as a driver. You are responsible for ensuring that everyone uses seatbelts and that you adhere to speed limits. Hopefully, you will refrain from using your cell phone while driving.

Don’t ever drive your friends under the influence of drugs. That will impair your judgment, and the chance of an accident occurring will skyrocket.

Furthermore, you should set an example for everyone in your vehicle. If you’re going to allow your pals to ride in your car, take their safety seriously.

Completing the 5-hour prelicensing course via Zoom will help you master driving safety, know how to handle distractions, and improve your behind-the-wheel confidence.

Final Word

When it comes to teens driving safety, parents must be involved. Every parent must be strict with their kids to adhere to all the mentioned safety measures. Both parents and kids know what to do and what not to do. Better yet, enroll in a nearby driving school to help you learn how to drive safely with friends and be a responsible driver.