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Road Test Locations Near Sunnyside

1. Snug Harbor Road Test Site

Location – Richmond Terrace and Snug Harbor Road Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction – Drive north on 440 and merge onto 278 East towards the Verrazano Bridge. Take Exit 9 for Route 440 North towards Bayonne, then proceed to Exit 12 toward Forest Avenue. Turn right onto Forest Avenue, followed by a left onto Jewett Avenue. Afterward, make a right onto Richmond Terrace. Continue until you pass Bard Avenue and reach Snug Harbor Road, where you’ll see signs indicating where to line up for the road test. Make sure not to go past the last sign.

2. Fox Hills Road Test Site

Location – North side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction – Travel on the Staten Island Expressway West to the Clove Road Exit. Exit and proceed until you reach Richmond Road; then, make a left turn. Continue and make another left turn at the next intersection, Narrows Road South. Typically, stay in the right lane and drive until you reach the end, where you’ll make a left turn onto Mosel Avenue. Pull over to the right beneath the underpass and form a line.


Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Sunnyside

1. Flexible Instructors

We have flexible instructors who can take you through every step in your mother tongue.

2. Impeccable Student Success rate

Our student success rate is typically impeccable. Thus, you can be confident of passing your driving tests the first time.

3. Affordable Packages

We are committed to providing affordable packages to our students. If you do not pass your driving test on the first try, we can give you a whole other free package.

4. DMV Certified Instructors

Our instructors are DMV certified. Thus, you can always feel safe and comfortable when dealing with us.


Driving Discovery in Sunnyside, Staten Island: A New Driver’s Guide to Skillful Navigation

Driving lessons in Sunnyside


Here are some exciting locations in Sunnyside that can assist you in becoming a more confident and capable driver:

1. Clove Lakes Park

Begin your practice at Clove Lakes Park, where you’ll find open spaces and calm roads. Use the park’s roads to practice basic driving skills like turning, stopping, and starting.

2. Victory Boulevard

Cruise along Victory Boulevard, a main road in the area. This stretch offers a mix of traffic conditions, making it ideal for practicing lane changes, merging, and navigating through varying intersections.

3. Sunnyside Playground

Visit Sunnyside Playground to practice parking and low-speed maneuvers in a less crowded space. The parking area provides an excellent opportunity to refine your control over the vehicle.

4. Greenbelt Nature Center

Drive to the Greenbelt Nature Center, where you can experience a mix of winding roads and scenic surroundings. This environment will help you become more comfortable with curves and different driving conditions.

5. Willowbrook Park

Practice parking and reversing at Willowbrook Park, making use of the open spaces and designated parking areas. It’s a great place to enhance your parking skills.

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