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Recommended Services in St. George Driving School

5 Hour Driving Course

This class includes interactive discussions and practical demonstrations, helping you gain a deeper understanding of real-world driving situations.

Road Test Appointment

Our experienced team will save you the hassle of navigating the complex and often time-consuming government appointment systems.

Get Personalized Driving Instruction

With personalized lessons, students progress at their own pace, fostering a comfortable and stress-free learning environment.

Road Test Locations Near St. George

1. Father Capodanno Blvd Road Test Location

Location: Northside at Lincoln Avenue Staten Island, NY 10306

Direction: Choose the lower level of the Verrazano Bridge if you can. Then, take the exit for Lily Pond Avenue South. Stay on Lily Pond Avenue, and it will eventually turn into Father Capodanno Blvd. Drive until Father Capodanno Blvd ends and makes a U-turn to the north. Right after the U-turn, you’ll see the conspicuous red signs on the right, signaling the starting point at Lincoln Avenue.

2. Fox Hill Road Test Location

Location: North side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction: Drive west on the Staten Island Expressway until you reach the Clove Road Exit. Take the exit, and continue until you reach Richmond Road, where you should make a left turn. At the next intersection, turn left again onto Narrows Road South. Stay in the right lane and proceed until you can’t go any further, then make a left turn onto Mosel Avenue. Find a spot to pull over on the right beneath the underpass and join the lineup.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in St. George

1. Interactive Learning Experiences 

Interactive learning is at the core of our driving classes, allowing students to practice driving skills, exchange insights with peers, and receive immediate feedback.

2. Licensed DMV-Approved Instructors 

Our driving school boasts a team of certified DMV instructors who have undergone rigorous training, ensuring that our students receive the highest standard of driver education.

3. Road Test Readiness

Our personalised lessons will simulate road test scenarios, and in-depth guidance, all aimed at boosting your confidence and competence for youe road test.

4. Pre Licensing Classes

With our pre-licensing classes, you’ll benefit from expert instruction, interactive learning materials, and a supportive environment.

5 St. George Places to Hone Your Driving Skills

St. George, Staten Island offers a variety of interesting places to drive around and explore. Here are some great options:

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1. Richmond County Bank Ballpark

Outside of game or event times, the area around the ballpark can have relatively low traffic, making it an ideal location for beginners to gain confidence and experience.

2. Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake Park features a mix of road types, including winding roads, straightaways, and parking areas, allowing new drivers to experience diverse driving conditions.

3. Sailors’ Snug Harbor

Sailors’ Snug Harbor typically has low traffic compared to main roads. This makes it an ideal location for new drivers to drive without the pressure of heavy traffic.

4. New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden

The location often has ample parking spaces, providing opportunities for practicing parking maneuvers and getting familiar with parking lot etiquette.

5. Wagner College

Wagner College has a variety of road types, including straightaways, curves, and intersections, allowing new drivers to gain experience in different driving scenarios.

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