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St. Albans Driving School Services

5 Hour Prelicensing Course

Learn about driving safety, traffic rules, and more in an informative online 5 hr class.

Road Test Appointment

Let's book your road test as you focus on preparing to pass the road test on first try.

Personalized Driving Lessons

Our driving instructors will offer personalized guidance regardless of your skill level.

Road Test Sites Near East Harlem

1. Rosedale Road Test Site

Location — On 147th Ave between 184th St and Springfield Blvd Queens, NY 11413
Directions — Line up facing 184th St.

2. Springfield Gardens Road Test Site

Location — On Springfield Blvd between 139th Ave and Eastgate Plaza. Queens, NY 11413
Directions — Line up facing 139th Ave

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in St. Albans?

Thorough Curriculum

You will learn everything from parallel parking and driving in traffic to highway driving. expect practical driving skills to make you the best driver in Queens!

Friendly Instructors

Our instructors have helped many people transition from fearful and discouraged beginners to the most confident drivers. It’s because they make the entire learning process easy, friendly, and fun.

Well-Maintained Practice Cars

We let you practice driving in one of our cars and use the same car for your road test. Familiarity is a contributing factor to passing the test.


St. Albans’ Top Spots to Polish Your Driving Skills

Embrace the journey of becoming a confident driver in St. Albans, Queens, NYC. Discover these seven prime locations tailored to help new drivers hone their skills and navigate the road with ease.

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Merrick Boulevard

Start your driving practice on Merrick Boulevard, a bustling urban street. This location will help you master lane discipline, navigate traffic signals, and become comfortable with city driving.

St. Albans Memorial Park

Explore the quiet streets around St. Albans Memorial Park to work on your basic skills, including turns, parking, and right-of-way scenarios. The peaceful atmosphere provides an ideal environment for building your foundational driving competence.

Linden Boulevard

Practice merging onto and exiting from the Southern State Parkway via Linden Boulevard. This experience will prepare you for highway driving and help you handle complex interchanges.

118th Avenue

Drive along 118th Avenue to practice controlling your speed and adapting to various traffic conditions. This road offers a mix of residential and commercial areas, allowing you to refine your urban driving skills.

Liberty Avenue

Navigate the vibrant streets of Liberty Avenue, filled with pedestrians, cyclists, and urban traffic. This location provides valuable exposure to city driving challenges and helps you become a confident and attentive driver.

South Conduit Avenue

Challenge yourself by driving on South Conduit Avenue, a major arterial road connecting Queens. This route will allow you to practice handling higher-speed traffic and making safe lane changes.

Baisley Pond Park

Drive around Baisley Pond Park to improve your steering control and gain confidence on winding roads. The park’s serene environment offers an opportunity to hone your skills in a more relaxed setting.

Ready to Start Your Driving Adventure?

With these practice spots in your arsenal, it’s time to take the wheel confidently. Enroll at St. Albans Driving School today!