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Have you ever thought about the speed to keep in the construction zone? Although road signs indicate a construction zone nearby, accidents still occur in the zones.

Regulations on these roads will show speed limits to reduce accidents. And sadly, two people die in construction zone accidents daily.

Let’s check the penalties and aftermath of speeding in these zones. Keep reading.

What Laws Govern Construction Zones?

what is the fine for speeding in a construction zone


There are speed limits and other traffic signs in the area. In New York, you will face fines when you exceed the indicated speed limit. Generally, keep a speed of 25mph when approaching a construction or road maintenance zone.

Don’t think of guesswork when in such a zone, and checking out the diamond-shaped signs will keep you on the safe side, and you will avoid tickets.

What Are the Penalties for Speeding in Construction Areas?

1. Fines

If you exceed the speed limit, be ready to face the consequences. You will dig deeper into your pockets since the fines are doubled even with the first-time offense. The rise in speed-related accidents contributes to increased penalties to curb accidents.

In New York, the fines range from $90 and $600 depending on the speed rate and in comparison to the posted speed limit. If the speed exceeds 1 to 10 mph, the fines can go up to $150; if it’s between 11 and 30mph, you can pay up to $300.

When the speed limits in the areas are more than 31 mph and above, you get a fine between $360 and $600, not to mention that villages and towns have $143 surcharges and court charges of $135.

2. Points

Like general speeding, you will get points in your driving records if you get a speeding ticket in a construction zone. And the points you earn will end with how much you exceed the speed limit. Here are the points you get for excess speed.

3. Suspension and Revocation

There is harsh law on speeding in a construction zone, and suspension and license revocation are part of them. If you get two or more speeding tickets in construction areas, you will lose your driver’s privileges for 60 days.

You will earn a revocation if you get three convictions within 18 months, which is a big blow after investing your money and energy in your driving classes.

Additionally, the conviction may lead to driver responsibility assessment that comes at a fee beginning from $300 with an additional $75 for more than 6 points.

What are the Construction Zone Signs?

are fines in a construction zone doubled


You will find different signs in a construction zone to ensure you keep a low-speed limit. It may have lane merges or a construction worker alongside a speed limit sign.

Most signs have a diamond shape and use orange color with black writing. Some roads have electronic signals to indicate traffic flow, with others having orange cones, with barricades and barrels.

Final Thoughts

Speeding in a construction zone can lead to fatal crashes, and you must be extra careful. When approaching the area, slow down and avoid sudden braking that can keep you in danger.

In your lessons in our driving school, our instructors will ensure you are conversant with the road signs. Book a class for safe driving on all roads in New York.