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Road Test Site near South Street Seaport

1. Ridgewood DMV Test Site

Location: 19-06 Stanhope St, Queens, New York 11385, United States

Directions: Via Williamsburg Bridge

Follow Front St and Maiden Ln to South St. Turn left onto South St. and left again onto Clinton St. Continue on Williamsburg Bridge and take I-278 E to Richardson St. in Brooklyn. Take Vandervoort Avenue to Grand ST. Take Metropolitan Ave to Grandview Ave in Queens. Continue on Grandview Ave and drive to Stanhope St.

2. Red Hook DMV Road Test Site

Location: 113 Bay St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

Directions: Via I-478

Get on FDR Dr/S St Viaduct from South St. Take Battery Park Underpass and I-478 to Hamilton Ave in Brooklyn. Take exit 26 from I-478. Take Clinton St to Bay St.

Why Choose  South Street Seaport Driving School?

DMV-Certified Instructors

We have a qualified, experienced, and passionate team of instructors ready to help you at every step of your course.

Modern, well-maintained cars

Our fleet of modern cars is accessible for any learner who might fail to come with one for their road test. All the vehicles are insured and meet the DMV requirements.

Flexible Timetable

Adults and teens may have schedules that clash with fixed timetables. Our instructors consider this and can arrange lessons at the learner’s convenience.

High Pass Rate

We have a 97% pass rate, thanks to the commitment of all our staff to helping learners realize their goals.

About Driving in South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport in New York City is a historic area situated where Fulton Street meets the East River, filled with attractions that new drivers may find interesting. Here are a few key locations:

South Street Seaport Museum: This museum offers a deep dive into New York’s maritime history with exhibits about shipbuilding, sea voyages, and the importance of the port to the growth of the city.

Pier 17: Offering panoramic views of the East River and Brooklyn Bridge, Pier 17 is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and even a concert venue.

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Historic Ships: At the Museum’s pier, new drivers can explore several historic ships, including the lightship Ambrose, the sailing ship Peking, and the tugboat Helen McAllister.

Fulton Market Building: The historic Fulton Market building has been transformed into a modern shopping and dining complex, housing a range of artisanal boutiques and eateries.

Seaport District NYC: The area is synonymous with fashion, dining, entertainment, and cultural events. There, drivers can take advantage of parking spaces and explore on foot.

Titanic Memorial lighthouse: A historical landmark worth visiting, located at Fulton and Pearl Streets.

Our driving lessons in South Street Seaport will help you navigate tight parking spots, heavy pedestrian traffic and more. .

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