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Road Test Sites Near South Ozone Park

1. Ozone Park Road Test Site

Location — On 84th St between 106th Ave and 108th Ave Ozone Park, NY 11417

Directions — Line up facing 108th Ave.

2. Laurelton Road Test Site

Location — Francis Lewis Blvd. and 222nd Street Laurelton, NY 11413
Directions — Cross Island Parkway to Linden Blvd. exit. Make a right turn on Linden to Francis Lewis Blvd. Make a left, stay on Francis Lewis for approximately 5 blocks. Park is on the right, park facing 222nd Street.



Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in South Ozone Park?

Highly-rated: We are rated 4.8/5 from thousands of happy customers, which means you can trust us to deliver valuable driving lessons for your needs.
High success rate – We have a 97% success rate, which simply means nearly all our student drivers end up passing their road test on the first try.
Safe learning environment – Your safety is our priority and it’s reflected everywhere, from our practice cars and classrooms to instructors.

South Ozone Park’s Prime Practice Spots for New Drivers

Embark on your journey to becoming a skilled driver in South Ozone Park, Queens, NYC. Discover these seven top locations tailored to help new drivers refine their skills and drive with confidence on diverse roads.

Cross Bay Boulevard

driving lesson south ozone park


Begin your driving practice on the bustling Cross Bay Boulevard, where you can perfect urban driving skills like navigating traffic signals, practicing lane discipline, and dealing with pedestrians and cyclists.

Gateway Park

Explore the quiet streets around Gateway Park to master the basics, such as turns, parking, and right-of-way situations. The peaceful surroundings make it an ideal spot for building your core driving skills.

North Conduit Avenue

Challenge yourself on North Conduit Avenue, a significant arterial road, to gain experience in handling higher-speed traffic and safely merging onto and exiting from the nearby highways.

South Ozone Park Residential Area

Drive through the residential area of South Ozone Park to enhance your control over speed and adaptability to different road conditions. This location provides a mix of residential streets and local traffic to refine your urban driving skills.

Aqueduct Racetrack Parking Lot

Perfect your parking skills in the spacious parking lot of Aqueduct Racetrack, an excellent spot for practicing parallel parking and maneuvering into tight spaces without the pressure of street traffic.

Lefferts Boulevard

Navigate the lively streets of Lefferts Boulevard, offering exposure to various traffic conditions and urban driving challenges, such as navigating commercial zones and handling intersections.

Van Wyck Expressway

As you progress, tackle the Van Wyck Expressway to prepare for highway driving. This major roadway provides an opportunity to practice merging onto highways and maintaining safe speeds on the fast-moving express lanes.

Ready to Begin Your Driving Adventure?

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