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5 Hour Driving Course

Develop your driving confidence by enrolling in a 5-hour course with skilled instructors.

Road Test Appointment

Improve your driving skills by scheduling a road test appointment in SoHo.

Personalized Driving Lessons

Speed up getting your driver's license with personalized driving lessons tailored to your individual needs.

Road Test Sites Near SoHo

1. Road Test of Ozone Park

To get to the Ozone Park road test site from SoHo in NYC, take the subway to the Queensboro Plaza station on the 7 train. From there, take the Q104 bus towards Ozone Park. The trip should take around 30-40 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or ride-hailing service for a faster but more expensive option.

2. Kissena Park DMV Road Test Site

To get to the Kissena Park Road Test Site from SoHo in NYC, take the subway to the Flushing Main Street station (7 train). From there, take the Q46 bus towards Kissena Park. Get off at the Kissena Boulevard stop and walk north on Kissena Boulevard for about 0.5 miles. The road test site will be on your left.

The Untold Benefits of Taking Driving Lessons in SoHo

SoHo, also known as South of Houston, is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. It is famous for its upscale fashion boutiques, art galleries, and trendy restaurants.

1. Visit the Iconic Landmarks

Driving in SoHo allows you to visit some of the most iconic landmarks in New York City. From the historic Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the striking architecture of the cast-iron buildings, SoHo is full of photo opportunities and Instagram-worthy spots.

2. What About Some Shopping and Dining?

SoHo is a shopper’s paradise, with some of the most exclusive and trendy fashion boutiques and specialty stores in the world. With your driving lessons, you can easily find parking spots and explore culinary delights from Michelin-starred restaurants to charming cafes and bars.

3. Relax at the Washington Square Park

driving lessons soho nyc

Photo by Matt Biddulph

Washington Square Park is a haven for relaxation and recreation. With its beautiful fountain, lush trees, and open spaces, the park is the perfect place to unwind after a driving lesson.

In conclusion, taking driving lessons in SoHo is a unique and exciting experience. So, hop in the driver’s seat and explore the vibrant and dynamic neighborhood of SoHo!

Why Pierre Paul Driving School?

1. Affordable Packages

Affordable driving packages available at Pierre Paul Driving School to suit your needs and budget.

2. Engaging Online Course

The online course covers topics like road rage management, traffic violation avoidance, and safe driving providing convenience and flexibility to students to learn from home.

3. Pick-up and Drop-off Services

They are available for students located in SoHo, making it easier for them to attend driving lessons.

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