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Road Test Locations Near Silver Lake

1. Fox Hills Road Test Site

Location – North side of Mosel Avenue, facing Pierce Street Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction – Drive on the Staten Island Expressway West and take the Clove Road Exit. Exit and proceed until you reach Richmond Road, then make a left turn. Make an additional left turn at the subsequent intersection, which is Narrows Road South. Stay in the right lane and continue until you reach the end, and make a left turn onto Mosel Avenue. Pull over to the right beneath the underpass and get in line

2. Snug Harbor Road Test Site

Location – Richmond Terrace and Snug Harbor Road Staten Island, NY 10301

Direction – Head north on 440 and merge onto 278 East towards the Verrazano Bridge. Take Exit 9 for Route 440 North towards Bayonne, then take Exit 12 toward Forest Avenue. Turn right onto Forest Avenue, followed by a left onto Jewett Avenue. Next, make a right onto Richmond Terrace and continue until you reach Snug Harbor Road. There, you’ll see signs indicating where to line up for the road test. Be sure not to pass the last sign.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Silver Lake?

1. Safe Pick-ups and Drop-offs

We are committed to ensuring our students reach school and back home safely.

2. Cars for Practice and Road Test

We take pride in having multiple vehicles. This allows our students to pick a car that best meets their tastes and preferences.

3. DMV Certified Instructors

Each of our driving instructors is DMV-certified.

4. Well-Organized Driving Lessons

Our driving lessons are arranged systematically so you can understand concepts more quickly and easily.

Mastering the Roads of Silver Lake: A Guide for New Drivers


Below are some exciting locations in Silver Lake that can help you become a more confident and adept driver:

1. Silver Lake Park

driving lessons Silver Lake


Begin your practice at Silver Lake Park, where you can drive in a serene and spacious environment. Use the park’s roads to practice basic driving skills like turning, stopping, and starting.

2. Victory Boulevard

Cruise along Victory Boulevard, which offers a mix of straight roads and intersections. This area is excellent for practicing maintaining a consistent speed and lane discipline.

3. Clove Lakes Park

Drive to Clove Lakes Park to practice low-speed maneuvers and parking in a calm setting. The park’s parking lots provide ample space for refining your control over the vehicle.

4. Silver Lake Golf Course

Drive around the Silver Lake Golf Course to practice maintaining a consistent speed and control over the vehicle. The open spaces allow you to focus on safe driving practices.

5. Silver Lake Marina

Practice parking and low-speed maneuvers at Silver Lake Marina, where you’ll find ample parking spaces and a relaxed traffic environment.

Experience Silver Lake’s Beauty through the Windshield

Enroll in our driving lessons and create your own story on the picturesque roads of Silver Lake.