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Signs such as poor communication, unprofessionalism, and unsafe driving practices are just a few of the signs you’re with the wrong driving instructor. 

Choosing the right driving instructor is essential for developing safe and effective driving habits. However, you may end up with the wrong one if you’re not careful. 

In this article, we will examine these signs in more detail to watch out for in a driving instructor.

Here Are Some Signs You’re With the Wrong Driving Instructor

are driving instructors allowed to shout at you


1. They’re Impatient

Mastering driving skills requires patience, practice, and a good instructor who can cater to your learning style. 

Everyone has different tolerances and personalities, which means what works for one person may not work for another. 

Having a bad lesson or taking some time to develop a rapport with your instructor is normal. However, if you need to see progress or find your instructor overly harsh, it may be time to consider finding a better match. 

A compatible instructor can make all the difference in your driving journey, so don’t be afraid to explore your options until you find the right fit.

2. Your Instructor Isn’t Helping You Improve 

Are you feeling controlled by your driving instructor’s overly controlling approach? Don’t let their behavior put a damper on your learning experience. 

A competent driving instructor should offer ample opportunities for you to practice and provide constructive feedback to enhance your driving skills. 

If your instructor doesn’t seem invested in your improvement, consider finding a new instructor who can better support your learning journey.

3. There’s No Trust

In the relationship between an instructor and a student, trust is crucial. This is also true for driving lessons. Lack of trust can impact learning and confidence. 

If you doubt your instructor’s trustworthiness, looking for a new one is best.

4. Doesn’t Notice Your Errors

An instructor who doesn’t correct your mistakes or provide feedback won’t help you improve.

However, criticism should be delivered in a way that doesn’t discourage you. Strictness is necessary for safety reasons, but it should be balanced with encouragement and support.

Finding an instructor whose teaching style works well for you is crucial.

5. They’re Unprepared

When taking driving lessons, your instructor must come prepared with a structured plan for the class. 

This shows their professionalism and ensures you get the most out of your time and money. 

An unprepared instructor can make the learning experience frustrating and unproductive. So, don’t settle for an instructor who is just winging it. 

Look for one who takes their role seriously and has a clear plan for each lesson.

6. Lacks Proper Communication Skills

Effective communication with your driving instructor is crucial to becoming a good driver. Your instructor should be able to break down complicated driving techniques into simple terms you can understand. 

It could slow your progress if they struggle to get their point across or become easily annoyed.

They should also be able to easily tell you what to do and ensure you understand.

7. Your Instructor Is Easily Distracted 

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Although it may be acceptable for a passenger to pick up a phone call while you’re driving, it’s not appropriate for your driving instructor to do so. 

Your instructor’s primary responsibility is to supervise you and ensure your safety, and taking phone calls could distract them from that task. 

If your instructor frequently takes calls while you’re driving, it could be a red flag and a sign that you need to consider finding a better instructor.

8. They’re Not Flexible

Each individual has a unique way of learning, and a skilled driving instructor should be able to modify their teaching approach to cater to their student’s specific requirements. 

If your instructor is rigid and only follows a single teaching method, it may make it difficult for you to learn and become a proficient driver.

9. Lacks Professionalism

To be a driving instructor, one must maintain a professional attitude. A lack of professionalism, inappropriate behavior, or not taking their job seriously can make students uncomfortable and hinder their learning progress.

10. They Don’t Have a License Showed On the Windscreen

Ensuring your driving instructor is qualified to teach you before you start your lessons is crucial. 

Look for their driving qualification license displayed on the front windscreen, as it’s a legal requirement for all licensed driving instructors. 

If you can’t see it, this could be concerning. Be aware that the color of the license matters, too – a pink license with a triangle indicates a trainee instructor. 

On the other hand, a fully qualified instructor will have a green octagon license. If you don’t see either, it’s important to ask why, as it may be illegal for them to teach you.

11. Cancels Lessons at the Eleventh Hour

Consistency is crucial when it comes to driving lessons, and it’s not just the student who needs to be reliable. 

If your instructor frequently cancels or shows up late, your progress and confidence can be disrupted. 

While occasional changes may be unavoidable, if it becomes a habit, it may be time to consider finding a more dependable instructor. This applies mostly if you’re almost taking your driving test.

12. You’re Not Practicing Basic Skills 

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Your driving instructor is critical in ensuring your safety on the road and honing your driving skills. 

Sometimes they make decisions for you that you disagree with, such as preferring to work on your dual carriageway driving instead of practicing parallel parking

It’s important to trust their judgment, as they have a wealth of experience and may have noticed driving issues you are unaware of.

Final Word

Getting the right driving instructor is crucial for your success on the road. Therefore, you should check for signs you’re with the wrong driving instructor. 

It may be time to switch instructors if you notice signs such as impatience and lack of improvement. 

Remember, when you find a good instructor, they will help you build confidence and develop your skills to become a safe and responsible driver.