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If you Google search for drivers classes near me, chances are, you’ll be overwhelmed with the results showing tons of driving schools in Brooklyn, New York.

But, must you really enroll with a driving school or there are other options you can take to become a licensed driver in New York?

Let’s dive in.

The 3 Main Types of Drivers Ed Classes

There are three most popular types of driver’s education that you should consider to help you decide on that which befits you. They include:

Below is complete coverage on these courses, including their pros and cons, to help you make better decisions.

1. Classroom Driving Instruction Course

It’s the most traditional of the three options. Here, you are required to attend classes in person for a specific number of hours. In Classroom Instruction Course, in-car instruction is part of the curriculum.


Old is gold. Despite it being a teaching approach in the old days and the emergence of contemporary options, it still holds some benefits other models don’t. They include:


A few of its drawbacks include:

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we provide driving classes for adults and teens alike. We have seasoned instructors who’re patient with all our students. We consider the schedule of our students when delivering the lessons. Enroll with us now! Call 718-576-6277 or send us a message.

2. Online Driving Course

Should I enroll for online Drivers Ed classes near me? Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to take driver’s education online. With this option, you can read through the materials, complete course activities, and take the tests on your computer or tablet. Find out more about its pros and cons below.


Some of its benefits are;


Just because it seems natural to access a driver’s education online, it’s not for everyone. Below are the reasons why it’s disadvantageous to some.

We encourage you to enroll for our classroom driving lessons, interact with our friendly instructors and other students. You also have the opportunity to practice driving using our cars. Why struggle alone online when have affordable driving packages for all our Brooklyn students? Call us now at 718-576-6277 to get started.

3. Parent-Taught Driving Course

Should I enroll in driving classes near me or opt for a parent-taught course? In this option, you can take an online course together with the parent-taught in-car lessons.


At Pierre Paul Driving School, we’ve knowledgeable instructors to provide you with quality driving lessons until you become confident. Even after learning how to drive with your parents, you can take a 5 hour class with us, which prepares you for the road test and finally for a NY driver’s license.

What’s the Best Option?

As you can see from the above three options, classroom-based driving instruction is the most convenient because it allows you to learn from professional instructors and also allows you to go through practical lessons.

But, whichever option you go for, here’s how driver education works in NYS:

Drivers ed classes are suitable for first-time teenage drivers, a new adult learner, or an existing drivers in need of brushing on the current driving safety strategies. In New York, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the State Education Department (SED) jointly administer the Drivers Education Program.

Upon completion of the Driver Education from any approved DMV approved site in New York, you can obtain a Pre-Licensing Course Certificate. The Pre-Licensing course is usually five hours long. You can take it in your high school or college or at a reputable driving school in New York.

You can also opt for a Student Certificate of Completion, which is in-depth. It’s estimated for around forty-eight (48) hours, consisting of a twenty-four (24) hours of class study,another twenty-four (24) hours of in-car instructions. You must complete a minimum of six (6) clock hours of actual behind-the-wheel driving and eighteen (18) clock hours of observation by your teacher.

A teacher or instructor should have a Driver Education Certificate (MV-283) that permits teaching the DMV pre-licensing Course at a high school or college. As an instructor, you can get the certification upon request from SED as long as you have a satisfying driver record.

You should carry your Certificate during any behind-the-wheel instructions.These certificates are necessary and are required by the New York state to ascertain the readiness of the new driver for a road test.

What are the Requirements for Drivers Ed Classes Near Me?

Below is all you need to enroll for a driving class and make your driving dream come true.

1.     Age

Most aspiring drivers will ask, “are there Drivers classes near me that can accept me if I am underage?”If you’re under 18 years,you must have a minimum of fifty (50) hours driving under supervision.  It includes at least 15 hours of driving at night and 10 hours of driving in moderate to heavy traffic conditions.

2.     Certificate of Supervised Driving

You must produce a certificate guarantees that you’ve driven under supervision (MV-262) completed by your parent or legal guardian. The Certificate affirms that you’ve attained the required hours of driving under control. Also, you should provide a statement of identity completed by your parent or guardian.

3.     A Learner’s Permit

Obtaining a learner’s permit is the first step to acquiring a driver’s license. If you’re 18+, then you should consider getting a learner’s permit before settling for a driver’s education in New York. It entails a three-stage process, as you’ll see below.

4.     Be Ready to Sit for a Written Permit Test

To prepare for this test, ensure you go through NY State Driver’s Manual and take the practice tests. Class D and M are usually in 14 languages, including English, Albanian, Polish, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Bosnian, Arabic,  Chinese, Korean, French, Russian, and Spanish.

To pass the test, you must be able to get 14 out of the possible 20 multiple-choice questions correctly. It includes at least two of the four questions on the road signs segment.  If you’re applying for a motorcycle permit, you should get a minimum of three questions out of the five.

5.     Be Aware of What to Bring to the DMV

Are the driving schools offering Driving classes near me certified to do so under DMV? Well, Pierre Paul Driving School is in no doubt, the best choice to take your driving education. We are fully licensed to impact driving seriousness, responsibility, know-how, and attentiveness to all our students.

The DMV requires that you present some documents upon visitation, such as proof of your identity and age. You also must book an appointment in the New York DMV to take a written test.

6.     Wait Up to Two Weeks for Your Permit to be Sent to Your Mail

Your learner permit has a five-year validity. Its exact date of expiration depends on your date of birth and the application date.

Once you certify all the requirements of the driver’s education, you’ll learn:

How much are driving lessons in Brooklyn?

The cost of a basic package usually ranges between $440 and $550. You can learn more about our driving packages here.

How much is a 5-hour class in Brooklyn?

The five-hour pre-licensing class ranges between $45 and $50

How long does it take to learn how to drive?

It depends on some factors, such as the package you’ve enrolled in, the number of practical lessons you get, the driving instructor and more. We’ve covered this post in detail here.

How many driving lessons should you take?

Between 2 to 4 lessons a week.

Wrapping Up

Driving is a dream come true for many. With driving measures and precautions, the experience behind the wheels is more enjoyable. For you to acquire the necessary knowledge, you’ll need to enroll in driving education. Consider the requirements above before applying for drivers classes near me.