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Over time, more bicyclists have been on the road, particularly in major cities. Driving more cautiously when sharing the road with bicyclists is crucial for everyone’s safety.

The first step in sharing the road for drivers is recognizing that bicyclists have rights. Due to their size and reduced visibility, they also face particular safety difficulties.

Drivers should be aware of the following when sharing the road with cyclists:

What Do Drivers Need to be Aware of When Sharing the Road with Bicycles?

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1. Observe the Bicycle Lane

When sharing the road with a motorcyclist, drivers must respect cycling lanes. This means you should avoid parking in or swerving into bike lanes. When bike lanes are ignored, the biker is more likely to be pushed into car lanes, increasing the chances of an accident.

2. Open Your Car Door Carefully

When exiting your vehicle from the driver’s side, look behind you for any cyclists before opening the door. Put your phone down and take a look before exiting your vehicle.

3. Watch Your Turns

Never assume a cyclist will hear your car approaching from behind. A rider hears a lot more noise than you do when the windows are rolled up in your car. However, don’t rely on the horn.

The cyclist has the right of way when turning. So, before making a turn, take the time to check for cyclists.

Because cyclists travel on the right side of the road, a sudden turn could hit one of them. Before turning, check your mirrors and pay attention to your blind spots. Make a complete stop at a stop sign or red light to allow bikers to pass and look around for unscrupulous riders.

4. Not Every Road Has Bike Lanes

Even though having bike lanes on every road would make them safer and more effective, this isn’t the case. Therefore, be extra aware of your surroundings when driving on the road without a bike lane. If you must slow down or move aside to let a cyclist pass, do so.

5. Have Patience 

Sharing the road with cyclists is not always simple since it needs a lot of patience. Even though you might be in a rush to get there, it is not worth risking a collision, or hurting a pedestrian, a cyclist, or your passengers.

6. Don’t Assume

Some riders are less skilled than others and can swerve, stop suddenly, or fall. Even experienced cyclists can sometimes find it challenging to avoid some of the multiple risks, like falling.

Therefore, when sharing the road with cyclists you should not assume they always move in a straight line alongside the road. Keep an eye on their movements.

7. Watch Out for Children

Children on bicycles are smaller and more difficult to see on the road, particularly for drivers of larger vehicles. When crossing at intersections, be cautious and considerate. 

Children are less observant of their environment and the safety of the crossing. Give them the right of way, then wait for them to cross safely.

What Every Cyclist Must Know About Sharing the Road with Drivers

sharing the road with bicyclists

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to pass a cyclist?

sharing the road with bicyclists

Keep at least three (3) feet of space between your car and the cyclist, and keep it that way until you are safely past the bicycle. When passing the bike, leave a clear space behind you and keep it until you are safely past it.

What side of the road should a bicyclist ride on?

To help lower the likelihood of an accident, it is always essential to abide by traffic laws. As a bicyclist, you must always ride on the right side of the road and in the direction of the flow of traffic. 

Can a cyclist pass on the left?

Never overtake traffic or long vehicles on the left. You risk being crushed if the vehicle moves off and turns left if the driver has not seen you.

Which guidelines should you adhere to when sharing the road with a motorcycle?

Although a motorcycle and a car can fit in one lane, remember that the motorcycle needs space to maneuver safely. Be kind enough to share the lane with the motorcycle.

Are bicyclists legally allowed to use the road?

On most public highways, bicyclists have a legal right to share the road; however, they are not allowed on expressways and highways.


Today, there are more bikes on our roads, so learning some fundamental rules for sharing the road with bicyclists and motorcyclists is important. 

If you’ve been wondering what to do when sharing the road with bicyclists, you have the answers now.

You need to be patient, drive extra caution, and pay attention to your surroundings. You’ll make sure that everyone’s roads are safer by doing this.