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A crash, whether minor or tragic, can occur at any time if you lose focus. As a new driver, you should learn at least a few safety driving tips whenever you are behind the wheel. Before you set out, you should make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition.

When driving, you have a responsibility to protect yourself and the other motorists by driving safely and avoiding any accidents. Whether you’re cruising the countryside or traveling to another city, you should drive carefully, just the way it’s taught at the best driving school in Brooklyn. There are a lot of precautionary measures you can take to avoid unexpected situations such as a road crash.

Below are 10 easy ways that could help you avoid a car accident and save lives:

1. Avoid Distractions

While behind the wheel, you should avoid anything that’ll take your mind off of driving. Receiving calls, texting, fiddling with the GPS or radio are some of the things that may distract you.

If your kids are fighting and screaming at the back, pull over on the side and handle the situation. Wait until your next stop to eat your burger. Always give full attention to the road ahead.

2. Beware of the Blind Spots

Always stop and look before pulling slowly into traffic. Your mirrors should be positioned correctly. Be aware of blind spots, including those behind the windshield pillars, in the rearview mirrors and highway road signs.

Also, turn around to look before you change lanes or enter the highway to avoid pulling out in front of another motorist. When at an intersection, you should look twice in both directions before you proceed.

A vehicle can appear out of nowhere and ruin everyone’s day. Never assume that the other motorist has seen you, but let your driving skills guide you to do the right thing.

3. Stay Away from the Fast Lane

If you want to travel without any trouble, you should avoid the fast (left) lane. Most highway accidents occur on this lane, which attracts high-speed motorists who are most likely to cause an accident. The highway patrol will always have their eyes on you if you drive in the left lane.

Use the right or center lane since there you can easily reach your exit and avoid getting trapped. You also have more escape routes to use should a problem come up, requiring you to change lanes quickly or pull onto the shoulder.

4. Be Cautious With Nighttime Driving

You probably like driving at night to avoid traffic. What you don’t know is that nighttime driving comes with a high risk for accidents and other hazards. Your visibility is lower, and the drunk drivers tend to dominate the roads at night.

If you have to drive during the night, make sure you are extra careful and alert because anything can happen. You can still avoid nighttime driving, especially if you’re tired, and the roads are dark without the streetlights.

5. Slow Down During Bad Weather

When there’s fog or a heavy downpour, try to slow down. You don’t want your car aquaplaning when you are speeding up in heavy rains. Your car tires should have the recommended air pressure as well. Overinflating the tires can reduce the area of contact with the road, and this will make them lose the rolling friction on a wet surface.


Remember, when there’s dense fog, it’ll be hard for you to judge the distance between you and the next motorist. Therefore, drive slowly along the divider so you can have a point of reference. Overtaking should be out of the question in such conditions.

6. Use Defensive Mode of Driving

Remember what your instructors taught you at Brooklyn driving schools? That defensive driving keeps you away from danger zones. This means you should always drive at a distance from the other motorist, especially large, 16-wheel cargo trucks. These kinds of vehicles need a broader space on the road when turning. You have to stay defensively away to avoid any collisions.

7. Never Ignore the Warning Signals

Road authorities will always put up signals to warn motorists of hazards and other features that may cause an accident. Some roads have ‘black-spots’ that attract car collisions.

Road signs will alert you of these areas and urge you to drive slowly or turn right or left because there is a huge turning point ahead. Some signs will warn you to kill your speed because of a crowded market a few kilometers away, or if there’s a speed breaker ahead.

Make sure you follow these warning signs if you don’t want to endanger your life and that of other people. Most accidents happen at turning points, where speed limits are high. Paying attention to traffic signals can save you from a possible car crash.

8. Understand the Road

It’s easy and safe to drive your car when you know the road clearly. Driving on an unknown highway can confuse you and distract your attention as you try to find the right way.

To better understand the route when driving in a place for the first time, carry a clear map with you. That way, you’ll understand where the turnings are and where narrow roads are situated and more.

An accident can occur if you have no clear view of the road ahead. Study your map well before setting out on an unfamiliar route. While driving, pay attention to whatever is happening on the road. Stay alert, so you can sense any potentially dangerous situations and avoid them.

9. Understand Your Car

Cars are designed differently, with each having its own unique features and limits. You should be well versed in your vehicle’s capabilities, functions, and other relevant information that can guide your usage.

If you can’t understand your truck’s maximum speed limit, you will likely cause a crash if you exceed it. Understand your car’s wheels and how best to navigate them.

Familiarize yourself with the tires and brakes so you can maneuver well during tough situations. Get to know your car well, and it’ll become your safe companion on the road.

Wrap up

As you drive, know that everything is in your hands – your life, your skills, the road, and the car. Preventing an accident is also in your hands. Enroll for driving lessons in the best Brooklyn driving school to learn safety driving tips and up your driving game.