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Road Test Locations Near Rossville

1. Lenevar Road Test Site

Location – Lenevar Avenue between Lamont Avenue and Edgegrove Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309

Direction – Drive on the Staten Island Expressway and merge onto the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Take Exit 3, and at the traffic light (Bloomingdale Road), turn left. Continue to Woodrow Road and make a left turn. Proceed to Lenevar Avenue and make a right turn. Keep going past Ramona Avenue and typically line up, facing Edgegrove Avenue on the right side, where the red parking signs are.

2. Staten Island Road Test Site #2 (Mariner’s Harbor)

Location – Grandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Direction – Drive on Staten Island Expressway I-278 and take the South Avenue Exit. Make a right turn onto South Avenue and proceed to Forest Avenue. Turn right onto Forest Avenue. Travel one block to Grandview Avenue and make a left turn. The lineup is on the right side of Grandview Avenue, facing Netherlands Avenue. The starting point of the line is situated behind Kohl’s Department Store, not in the parking lot.

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 Navigating Rossville, Staten Island РA Guide for Aspiring Drivers

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There are some exciting spots in Rossville that can assist you in becoming a more confident and proficient driver. They include:

1. Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve

Start your practice at this serene park, which provides a calm and spacious environment. Use the park’s roads to practice fundamental driving skills such as steering, braking, and acceleration.

2. Arthur Kill Road

Cruise along Arthur Kill Road to practice maintaining consistent speed and lane discipline. The relatively straight stretches of this road provide an excellent opportunity to improve these aspects of driving.

3. Bloomingdale Park

Drive to Bloomingdale Park, where you can practice parking, turning, and other basic maneuvers in a quieter setting. The park’s parking lots offer ample space to refine your skills.

4. Conference House Park

Visit this park to practice low-speed maneuvers and parking in a calm environment. The spacious lots and scenic surroundings can help boost your confidence.

5. Veterans Park

Use the parking areas at Veterans Park to practice parking, both parallel and perpendicular. These lots provide a good space for honing your precision and control.

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