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Prelicensing Course

Learn what it takes to drive safely and confidently in an informative and lively class.

Road Test Appointment

Avoid the hassle and long wait times of booking a road test on your own. Let's do it for you!

Personalized Driving Instruction

Our driving instructors will help you become a pro and confident driver despite your current shortcomings.

Road Test Sites Near Rosedale

1. Springfield Gardens Road Test Site 

Location — On Springfield Blvd between 139th Ave and Eastgate Plaza. Queens, NY 11413

Directions — Line up facing 139th Ave

2. Rosedale Road Test Site

Location — On 147th Ave between 184th St and Springfield Blvd Queens, NY 11413
Directions — Line up facing 184th St.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School in Rosedale?

Patient and friendly instructors – Our instructors are praised for their patience and sense of humor that help to keep driving lessons fun and comfortable.
Professionalism – Are you looking for a professional driving instructor in Rosedale? Pierre Paul Driving School instructors blend professionalism and experience to help you master driving in no time!
Affordable driving packages – We have pocket-friendly driving packages. You can pay in installments too!

Rosedale’s Prime Practice Spots for New Drivers

Discover Rosedale, Queens’ best locations for refining your driving skills. From tranquil parks to bustling boulevards, here are seven essential spots to help you become a confident and capable driver in no time.

driving lessons Rosedale


Photo by Matthew X. Kiernan

Rosedale Recreation Center Parking Lot

Start your driving practice in the spacious Rosedale Recreation Center parking lot. Here, you can work on essential skills like parking, reversing, and basic maneuvering, all in a low-pressure environment.

Brookville Park

Head over to Brookville Park, a peaceful location to practice your steering control and gain confidence on winding roads. The park offers a mix of straightaways and curves, helping you become more comfortable with various driving conditions.

Francis Lewis Boulevard

Practice merging onto and exiting from the Southern State Parkway via Francis Lewis Boulevard. This busy thoroughfare provides valuable experience in handling traffic and highway driving, preparing you for more complex roadways.

Springfield Boulevard

Drive along Springfield Boulevard to work on your speed control and lane discipline. This road offers diverse traffic situations, including intersections and traffic lights, allowing you to sharpen your urban driving skills.

243rd Street

Explore the quiet residential streets around 243rd Street to practice turns, right-of-way scenarios, and mastering local traffic rules. These streets provide an excellent opportunity to build your foundational driving skills.

Rockaway Boulevard

Navigate the bustling streets of Rosedale along Rockaway Boulevard to gain experience dealing with pedestrians, cyclists, and urban traffic. This exposure is essential for becoming a confident city driver.

Nassau Expressway

Challenge yourself by driving on the Nassau Expressway, which connects Queens to Nassau County. This road offers an opportunity to practice merging onto major highways and handling higher-speed traffic.

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