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Rosebank Driving School: Recommended Services

5 Hour Driving Course

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Road Test Appointment

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Personalized Driving Instruction

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Road Test Locations Near Rosebank

1. Staten Island Road Test Site

LocationGrandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Drive onto South Avenue after taking Exit 3 from Staten Island Expressway I-278. Turn right onto Forest Avenue, then go one block to reach Grandview Avenue. Make a left onto Grandview Avenue. You’ll find the line-up area on the right side, facing Netherlands Avenue, starting behind Kohl’s Department Store—not in the parking lot.

2. Father Capodanno Road Test Site

Location: Northside at Lincoln Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306 

Directions: If possible, choose the lower level of the Verrazano Bridge. Take the exit for Lily Pond Avenue South and continue on Lily Pond Avenue, which becomes Father Capodanno Blvd. Follow Father Capodanno until it U-turns north. After completing the U-turn, look for the big red signs on the right side to line up, starting at Lincoln Avenue.

Why Choose Rosebank Driving School?

State-of-the-art Vehicles

Our vehicles are modern and well-maintained, so students are also comfortable during the driving lessons and road tests.

Patient and Friendly Instructors

Our driving instructors are very patient with students and will take time to ensure you get everything right to pass your road test after your first attempt.

World-Class Learning 

Our DMV-certified driving instructors provide students with top-notch learning in different languages like English, French, Spanish, and Creole.

11 Stunning Spots in Rosebank to Sharpen Your Driving Skills

There are several stunning spots in Rosebank where new drivers can increase their driving experience. These spots include:

driving lessons rosebank


Bay Street

Navigate through the bustling urban street of Bay Street, where you can practice handling city traffic, traffic lights, and pedestrian interactions.

Lily Pond Avenue

Gain experience in handling various traffic conditions on Lily Pond Avenue, including different speed limits, intersections, and road types.

Fingerboard Road

Fingerboard Road is an ideal location for practicing turns, lane changes, and merging onto highways or other major routes, honing your precision driving skills.

Hylan Boulevard

Experience driving on Hylan Boulevard, a major commercial thoroughfare. It’s an opportunity to get comfortable with high traffic volumes and interactions with other vehicles.

Clifton Avenue

Practice residential neighborhood driving on Clifton Avenue, where you can navigate through quieter streets, interact with parked cars, and manage local traffic patterns.

Tompkins Avenue

Navigate through a mix of businesses and homes on Tompkins Avenue, helping you adapt to various driving scenarios and road conditions.

Rosebank Park

Use Rosebank Park as a serene setting to practice parking and maneuvering, mastering tight spots and getting comfortable with low-speed handling.

Edgewater Street

Improve your parallel parking skills on Edgewater Street, a valuable skill for city driving and parking in tight spaces.

Rosebank Waterfront

Learn to drive safely along the scenic Rosebank Waterfront, honing your skills for beautiful, picturesque drives with potentially winding roads and waterfront views.

Rosebank Library

Practice entering and exiting parking lots at Rosebank Library, perfect for mastering parking lot maneuvers and getting in and out of confined spaces safely.

Rosebank Post Office

Visit the Rosebank Post Office to learn about mail drop-offs and pickups, useful for understanding mail-related driving tasks and parking near postal facilities.

Navigate Rosebank With Ease!

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