How to Receive Your Road Test Results Online in 2022 (Video)

September 29, 2021

Everything has moved online, and it’s generally working well this far. Customers can receive goods and services instantly or within the shortest time possible. Businesses can quickly meet their targets. It’s a win for everybody!

It gets even better with the NYDMV. You get your road test results on the same day you take the test. The NYS DMV road test results are delivered online. There’s no more hassle requiring you to wait too long to confirm how you performed. Previously, you would have to wait for them to reach out to the examiner with your results.

How To Receive Road Test Results Online in NYS

You’ll, of course, need a gadget that can access the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a phone, tablet, or computer.  

Start by logging in to the road test results.nyrt scheduler. That’s the official New York State DMV scheduler website. The portal will ask you for your DMV ID number and date of birth. Don’t know where to find the ID number? Look at your learner’s permit. 

Once logged in, you should see a dot. Click on that to move forward.

How Do I Know If I Passed My Road Test?

The road test results receipt has a section with total points. It may seem confusing at first because the receipt doesn’t say outright whether you passed or failed. Knowing how to interpret this receipt is necessary.

You will have access to your road test results after 6 pm on the same day you take the test. Being displeased with their results, some people would go back to the examiner and cause a bit of a skirmish. That’s why the results are now availed after 6 pm when offices are closed. 

Either way, your results are yours to keep. How do you make sure to get good results?

Here Is How You Pass Your New York Road Test   

You need to know the possible pitfalls to avoid and pass this road test. A little help is always welcome, right? Here’s how you drive like a pro.

1. Watch Your Speed

While over-speeding may seem dangerous and could cause accidents, driving slowly can be equally dangerous, or at the very least, a nuisance to other drivers. 

Driving slowly can cause an unnecessary traffic snarl-up, especially in a busy city like New York. That will lose you points during the test.

Try to drive at the stipulated speed limit to be on the safe side. 

2. Look Ahead, Not Just at the Blindspots

Blindspots can be worrying, and many test-takers try to keep an eye out for them. It is commendable but not at the expense of the actual road. Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead.

3. Start Braking in Good Time    

Applying the brakes too late will have the car jerking. That could either irritate the examiner or maybe even cause them to hit themselves on the dashboard or something. That is bound to reflect negatively on your score.

When you realize you’re close to a stop, start braking gradually. This will ensure the result is a smooth and seamless stop.

The test only lasts about 30 minutes. Get there a few minutes earlier so you can calm yourself before you start. Getting there early also allows you to make an excellent first impression on the examiner.

What To Bring?

Carry your learner’s permit, proof of your pre-licensing course, and a registered vehicle. The vehicle isn’t necessary because the examiner will most likely have a car with them.

If you fail the test by any chance, you can schedule a retake for later. You don’t have to pay a second time because the application covers two tries. Retake your test, pass it, and get your learner’s permit. 

Final Word

You’ve gone through all the hurdles and are finally at this step. You will receive a temporary permit or license if you pass the test. You will receive the official license in the mail about two weeks later.

Keep calm and prepare adequately to take this test. The rest should flow. All the best!