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The Pierre Paul Driving instructors work hard to help you pass the road test on the first try, and almost all our students achieve this (97%). After passing the test, no one wants to wait forever to see the outcome, which is why the DMV makes it possible for you to access NYS road test results online.

The best part? You get your road test results on the same day you take the test.

So, how do you go about it? We summarized the entire process for you in the video below:

How To Receive Road Test Results Online in NYS

Start by logging in to roadtestresults.nyrtsscheduler. com. That’s the official New York State DMV scheduler website. The portal will ask you for your DMV ID number and date of birth. Don’t know where to find the ID number? Look at your learner’s permit. 

Once logged in, you should see a dot. Click on that to move forward.

How Do I Know If I Passed My Road Test?

The road test results receipt has a section with total points. It may seem confusing at first because the receipt doesn’t say outright whether you passed or failed. Knowing how to interpret this receipt is necessary.

You will have access to your road test results after 6 pm on the same day you take the test. Being displeased with their results, some people would go back to the examiner and cause a bit of a skirmish. That’s why the results are now availed after 6 pm when offices are closed. 

So, if your NYS road test results are not showing, you should probably try to check after 6 pm.

Either way, your results are yours to keep. How do you make sure to get good results?

Still unsure of what to do to pass a road test? Check out our ultimate guide on how to pass a DMV road test.

How to Check Your Road Test Results at

Step 1: Add your DMV ID Number.

On your Learner’s Permit, it needs to be shown above your name.

Step 2: Input your date of birth using the format MM/DD/YYYY

Step 3: To log in, click the icon labeled “Login.”

 how do I know if I passed my road test in NY

Step 4. Tap Dot to continue (Your test results are where the dot is)

Step 5: View the entire summary by clicking the View Details button.

If you passed, you should be able to access your provisional license immediately now!

 how do I know if I passed my road test in NY

Final Word

We hope you passed the NYS road test with flying colors. If you didn’t pass the road test, don’t stress it. Check out our comprehensive guide on getting over the failure and this other guide on steps to follow when preparing for another road test after a fail.

Pierre Paul Driving School has one of the highest success rates (97%) for passing road tests. When ready for a road test, check out our driving lessons + road test packages.

Still not yet taken the road test, but eager to learn how to drive? Start by taking our online 5-hour driver’s course.