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Road Test Locations Near Richmondtown

1. Staten Island Road Test Site

LocationGrandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Follow Staten Island Expressway I-278 to the South Avenue Exit, and take a right onto South Avenue. Head down to Forest Avenue, and make a right turn. Drive one block to Grandview Avenue, turn left, and find our lineup on the right side, facing Netherlands Avenue. Remember, it starts behind Kohl’s Department Store, not in the parking lot.

2. Dugdale Street Road Test Site

Location: Dugdale Street between Riga Street and Mill Road, Staten Island, NY 10306

Directions: Coming from the Verrazano Bridge, take exit 14 toward Hylan Blvd. Merge onto Narrows Road North, then turn left onto Hylan Blvd. Continue onto Steuben Street and use the right two lanes to make a right onto Hylan Blvd. Followed by turning left onto Guyon Avenue and then right onto Mill Road. After 0.2 miles, make a right onto Dugdale Street.

Why Consider Pierre Paul Driving School in Richmondtown?

Highly Qualified and Experienced Instructors

Our school employs DMV-certified instructors to guarantee high-quality learning. This ensures we produce safe and confident drivers.

97% Success Rate

We offer world-class learning to ensure students get enough training to pass their road tests after their first attempt. 

Affordable Driving Lessons

Our driving packages are affordable to enable every student to get quality training at an affordable price. You can pick a package that fits your budget.

Multilingual Lessons

Our driving lessons are taught in different languages, such as English, French, Creole, and Spanish.

11 Places in Richmondtown to Hone Your Driving Skills

Richmondtown, Staten Island, offers pleasant spots where new drivers can practice driving. Here are 11 to explore:

driving lessons Richmondtown


Richmondtown Historic District

Explore the enchanting streets of the Richmondtown Historic District while discovering the area’s rich history. It’s a great way to practice driving on narrow, historic roads.

Historic Richmond Town

Immerse yourself in a living history village at Historic Richmond Town, where you can practice driving in a historic setting, maneuvering through cobblestone streets and period architecture.

Richmondtown Library

Build confidence by driving to the local library in Richmondtown, a practical destination for study resources and a chance to refine your urban driving skills.

Decker Farm

Enhance your rural driving skills by exploring the historic Decker Farm and its surroundings. This scenic location is ideal for practicing driving on less-traveled country roads.

Richmondtown Park

Utilize Richmondtown Park as a peaceful venue to practice parking and maneuvering, helping you perfect your close-quarters driving skills.

Historic Richmondtown Cemetery

Learn to drive respectfully around the Historic Richmondtown Cemetery, honing your abilities to navigate around sensitive locations with care.

Arthur Kill Road

Challenge yourself by driving along the picturesque Arthur Kill Road, which provides an opportunity to work on your long-distance driving abilities while enjoying scenic views.

Richmond County Country Club

Practice navigating around a private club area like the Richmond County Country Club, improving your skills in controlled access zones.

Tysen’s Park

Perfect your parking skills in the ample parking lots at Tysen’s Park, offering a safe environment for practicing various parking maneuvers.

Richmondtown Soccer Fields

Learn to drive safely around sports fields and parking areas at Richmondtown Soccer Fields, helping you become more comfortable in busy recreational areas.

Local Businesses

Visit local shops and businesses to practice city driving and parking. This real-world experience will help you gain confidence in navigating through commercial areas and urban traffic.


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