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Road Test Locations Near Richmond Valley 

1. Staten Island Road Test Site

Location: Grandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Drive I-278 West to the South Avenue Exit, then turn right onto South Avenue. Continue to Forest Avenue, turn right, and proceed one block to Grandview Avenue. Turn left onto Grandview Avenue. Look for the lineup area on the right side, facing Netherlands Avenue, starting behind Kohl’s Department Store, not in the parking lot.

2. Lenevar Avenue Road Test Site

Location: Lenevar Avenue between Lamont Ave and Edgegrove Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10309

Directions: Travel on the Staten Island Expressway to the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Take Exit 3 and turn left at the light onto Bloomingdale Road. Continue to Woodrow Road and make a left turn. Then, make a right onto Lenevar Avenue. Drive past Ramona Avenue and look for the lineup area on the right side, facing Edgegrove Avenue, marked by red parking signs.

Why Enroll With Richmond Valley Driving School?

Flexible Driving Lessons

We offer flexible driving classes to ensure students with busy schedules are able to balance between work and classes.

Modern Vehicles

Our instructor cars are well-maintained to ensure students are comfortable during driving lessons and road tests.

Patient and Friendly Instructors 

Our driving instructors are patient and friendly towards students with driving fears to ensure they bring out the best in them.

Affordable Lessons

Our driving lessons are pocket-friendly to ensure every student gets high–quality training to become the best driver.

11 Hidden Gems in Richmond Valley to Take Your Driving Skills to the Next Level

Driving in Richmond Valley, Staten Island, is exciting as the city has fun spots to practice driving. Let’s check them out: 



Conference House Park

Navigate the picturesque roads within this historic park, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning waterfront views.

Richmond Avenue

Cruise along Richmond Avenue’s well-maintained lanes, offering a mix of traffic conditions and a great opportunity to practice lane changes.

Arthur Kill Road

Test your skills on Arthur Kill Road’s diverse terrain, featuring both residential areas and busier commercial sections.

Bloomingdale Park

Enjoy a serene drive through Bloomingdale Park’s tranquil surroundings, perfect for honing your low-speed maneuvering and parking skills.

Hylan Boulevard

Challenge yourself on Hylan Boulevard, a major thoroughfare with varying traffic levels, traffic lights, and intersections to master.

Woodrow Road

Take a scenic drive down Woodrow Road, where you can practice your defensive driving skills in a quieter suburban setting.

Seguine Mansion

Visit the Seguine Mansion grounds and explore the winding driveway, a great spot to refine your turning and reversing abilities.

Lemon Creek Park

Experience the natural beauty of Lemon Creek Park while practicing your driving techniques on its winding roads and curves.

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