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Road Test Sites Near Richmond Hill

1. Kissena Park DMV Road Test Site

LocationKissena Park at 164th Street between Underhill Avenue and Booth Memorial Avenue. Cars should line up facing Underhill Avenue. Kissena Park, NY 11365

Directions: Follow College Point Blvd. to Booth Memorial Avenue, and make a left turn onto Booth Memorial Avenue. Continue on Booth Memorial until you reach 164th Street. Make a left turn onto 164th Street. The road test line is located on the right side of 164th Street, facing Underhill Avenue.

2. Cunningham Park DMV Road Test Site

LocationHollis Hills Terrace between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike facing 73rd Avenue Cunningham Park, NY 11366

Directions: Take the Long Island Expressway to the Francis Lewis Blvd exit and make a right turn. When you reach 73rd Avenue, make a left turn. At the second traffic light, make a right onto Hollis Hills Terrace. You’ll find the site on the right-hand side.

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Extensive Experience in the Industry – At Pierre Paul Driving School, we have over 15 years of experience in the industry; thus, driving students are guaranteed top-notch knowledge and skills.

State-of-the-art vehicles – Our driving vehicles are modern and well-maintained so that students are comfortable during their road test.

High Success Rate – 97% of students who enroll at Richmond Hill Driving School pass their road test on the first try.

High Google rating – We are the best driving school in New York, with a Google star rating 4.8; thus, you are assured of getting top-notch driving lessons.

About Driving in Richmond Hill

If you want to improve your driving skills, Richmond Hill has exciting spots for you. Let’s check them out!

driving lessons ruchmond hill

Forest Park

Start with the spacious and well-maintained roads within Forest Park. The park’s winding roads and quiet paths provide an excellent setting for practicing basic maneuvers, such as parking, turning, and braking.

South Conduit Avenue

This wide avenue offers straightaways that are ideal for practicing speed control and lane changes. Remember to follow the speed limit and exercise caution, especially during peak traffic times.

Jamaica Avenue

With its mix of residential and commercial areas, Jamaica Avenue provides an opportunity to navigate through different traffic scenarios. Practice merging, handling intersections, and dealing with pedestrian crossings.

Liberty Avenue

Liberty Avenue is a busy thoroughfare that can help you practice handling heavy traffic, merging onto highways, and staying alert. Use this road to gain experience in navigating complex intersections.

Van Wyck Expressway

Once you feel comfortable, venture onto the Van Wyck Expressway. This highway provides a chance to work on highway driving, merging, and maintaining a steady speed. Always observe traffic rules and be cautious.

Jacob Riis Triangle

This tiny park in Richmond Hill offers an ample parking lot for visitors who want to learn about the history of Richmond Hill. New drivers can use the parking area to practice parking techniques, including perpendicular parking, angle parking, and backing into parking spaces.

The Church of Resurrection

The Church of Resurrection has a parking lot where new drivers in Richmond Hill can boost their confidence, helping them transition to busier roads more easily.

RKO Keith’s Theater

Learn to be comfortable behind the wheel by practicing different maneuvers at RKO Keith’s Theater parking lot.

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