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Preparing for your road test in New York involves more than just mastering driving skills; it also requires ensuring you have access to a suitable vehicle. But what if you don’t own a car or yours isn’t available on the test day? Can you use a rental car? Let’s explore your options in this guide.

Does the DMV Have a Car for Road Test?

Well, the DMV doesn’t provide you with a car for your road test. Besides, the DMV NY can’t tell you how to find a car for the road test. It’s your responsibility as the driver license applicant or your supervising driver to find an acceptable vehicle for your road test.

So, the vehicle owner can be a different individual who isn’t present at the road test. Thus, you may use a car rental for road test.

Before discussing where you can rent a car for the road test, let’s look at the requirements for a car to be used for road test.

Requirements for a Vehicle Used in Road Test

First off, it’s important to know that your vehicle will be tested as well.

Before being allowed to take the road test, your examiner will inspect the vehicle you intend to use. If it doesn’t qualify, you may be turned away.

rent a car for driving test near me

The DMV will require the road test vehicle to:

Check out the DMV website for details on road test scheduling requirements.

Where Can I Get a Car Rental for a Road Test?

To find a suitable car for your road test, you have three options:

1. Borrow the Car for Your Road Test

You can approach a relative, friend, colleague, or neighbor to help you with their vehicle for this important day. The vehicle owner needs to come along with you and provide proof of insurance and registration.

If that won’t be possible, find out from the DMV New York offices whether you can still come without the vehicle owner, and what documentation you need to obtain from them in advance.

Since auto insurance follows the borrowed car, the car’s insurance comes into play in case there’s an accident on your way to the road test site or during the road test, even if the vehicle owner isn’t present.

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2. Rent a Car from a Driving School in Brooklyn

If you are unable to borrow a vehicle to use for a road test, you may want to check with the driving schools in Brooklyn and see whether they can assist.

driving school car rental

The best driving schools may agree to pick you up on the day of the road test. They may also be willing to meet you at the DMV premises and give you one of the school’s vehicles to do the exam. This will save you the hassle of having to rent or borrow a car from someone else.

The best part?

If you enroll for driving lessons at the school, you may use one of the school’s cars for your practical lessons, and use the same car for the road test. That gives you more confidence as you’ll be using a vehicle you are most familiar with. Thus, it increases your odds of passing the road test.

But even if you don’t train at the driving school and want a rental car for the road test, ask anyway. Some NY driving schools can rent you a vehicle for the driving test even if you didn’t take lessons with them.

For the most part, you only need an hour or two of driving the vehicle to get familiar with it and go for the road test.

The cost of car rental for road tests varies widely from $25 to well over $400. It depends on where you live and whether you’ll use the vehicle for transport to and from the road test locations.

Your best bet is to find a driving school whose packages include a car for the road test as well as scheduling your road test. Believe it or not, Pierre Paul Driving offers flexible, affordable packages with all of these benefits.

3. Find a Road Test Car from a Car Rental Company

Some people say that you can’t use a rental car to take a road test in NY, but the DMV website says it’s possible to use a rental vehicle for your exam.

But, since car rental companies won’t rent a car to someone without a driving license, how do you go about it?

Here are the recommended steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the rental car company with a friend or relative who has valid driver’s license. Have the person rent a vehicle similar to the one you are comfortable and familiar driving in.

what if you don't have a car for driving test

Step 2: Your relative or friend must include your name on the insurance document.

Step 3: Present the vehicle’s proof of insurance. The rental car for road test must also pass other safety requirements as conducted by your examiner. The test includes inspection of brakes, license and registration plate, lights, and turn signals.

What You’ll Need

Can you use a rental car for a road test in NYC?

Yes, you can use a rental car for a road test in New York. The New York State DMV website confirms that it’s possible to use a rental vehicle for the exam.

To do this, you can visit a rental car company with a friend or relative who has a valid driver’s license to rent a vehicle similar to the one you are comfortable driving. The person with a valid driver’s license can then rent the car for you to use during the road test. 

Some driving schools also offer the option to rent a car for the road test, and the cost varies depending on the location and specific services provided.

Do you need your own car for a road test in NYC?

The DMV does not furnish cars for the road test. Instead, you’ll need to utilize another vehicle, such as one provided by a driving school or loaned from a friend or family member.

Final Take

It’s easy to find a rental car for a road test in New York. You can borrow someone’s car, rent from a driving school, or get one from a car rental agency. Whichever option you take, ensure the car meets all the requirements set by DMV.

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