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Renewing your driver’s license is a crucial responsibility, ensuring you stay legal on the road. But fear not, as navigating the renewal process in New York doesn’t have to be daunting. From the comfort of your home to a quick visit to the DMV office, there are multiple convenient options available.

Join us as we explore each method step-by-step, providing insights to streamline the process and help you renew with confidence.

When Should You Renew Your Driver’s License in New York?

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NY DMV requires you to renew your license before the other one expires. They will send you a letter to notify you a month and a half before your driver’s license expires.

You also need to renew your driver’s license before you turn 21. If the renewal is more than 40 days before the 21st birthday, you will have the under-21 label; if the days are fewer than 21, the under-21 tags won’t be there.

The expiration date is a significant concern since you might get fined for late renewal. If you are 60 days or less late after the date, you get a fine between $25 and $40, and when you exceed 60 days from the expiration date, the penalty can get up to $300, not including the local and state surcharges.

How to Renew the Driver’s License

You are eligible for license renewal one year before expiry or two years after it expires. Renewing will not affect the expiration date of the following license. Here’s the application process:

1. Online

DMV driver license renewal fee


With your Enhanced or REAL ID, renewing your online license will be the best option if you want to maintain the standard. Note that it doesn’t apply to people holding commercial permits.

Ensure you pass your eye test from a reliable and approved provider near you or complete the Vision Test Report with a medical professional and enter it on the online transaction. After adding it online, you won’t need to bring the report to the offices.

Professional medical officers who can run your test include physicians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, registered nurses, opticians, and nurse professionals.

Submit the vision test report within one year of license renewal. Even with the online process, you can get the eye test at the local DMV office. The process is different for a Commercial Driving License.

When done with the online submission, print the temporary PDF license and use it as you wait for your new license. The temporary permit is valid for 60 days, and you may have to wait longer with the massive license renewals.

2. By Mail

Renewal by mail is acceptable in New York if you have your enhanced or REAL ID. Fill in the renewal notice you will receive through the mail and send it with the following:

Mail to

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

207 Genesee Street, Suite 6

Utica, NY 13501-2874

3. In Person at the DMV Office

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You must visit the DMV office when you want to change from your Standard ID to an Enhanced or Real one.

Additionally, if you want an update on your driver’s license photo, read our article on how to take a driver’s license photo for the best results.

You must also visit the DMV office if you plan to transition from a license class. Book an appointment to avoid inconveniences.

You will receive and complete the renewal notice (MV-2) or use MV-44 to fill in the details before submitting them to a DMV office.

In the documents, also present your current license and the payment through money order, credit/debit card, or check payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

Active Military and Veterans License Renewal

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Qualified military veterans have the word veteran printed at the upper left of the license photo. The license extends for six months for the active military stationed outside New York until you return to your state.

Form MV-75B is a notification of military service that ensures your driving records aren’t removed from the DMV system when out of state.

Suppose the license expires before you return the form. In that case, the commanding officer must send a mail confirming the dates you reported to your duty station to ensure it’s not after the license expiration.

How Much is the License Renewal Fee?

The renewal fees depend on your license type, and a fee chart displays the charges for different classes.

Note that the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District applies to Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Nassau, Putnam, Westchester, Orange, Rockland, Suffolk, and Dutchess, and it’s $1.00 for every six months the driver’s license will be operational. The fee is $16 for an 8-year driver’s license.

There are additional fees like $30 for the licensed enhanced drivers and the $8 additional fee for Class M and MJ.

Can Temporary Visitors Renew Their Driver’s Licenses?

If the visitor has a real ID and the temporary Visitor status on the DMV file is still valid. They can renew the request online, by mail, or in person. If the visitor has an extension, you must visit the DMV offices for a record update before license renewal.

Can You Renew Your Driver’s License When Out of State?

Yes. When you are a New York resident and out of state, follow the application instructions with the following additional requirements:

Wrap Up

License renewal is vital; you must do it on time to avoid fines. It may worsen if you hit the road with an expired driver’s license. There are different options for the renewal, and the process is more straightforward with your enhanced or REAL ID.

Remember to update your photo when necessary and ensure you follow every step for your renewal. Lastly, book a lesson in our driving school; you will love the investment.