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Road Test Locations Near Port Richmond

1. Staten Island Road Test Site #2 (Mariner’s Harbor)

Location – Grandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Direction – Take the South Avenue Exit from Staten Island Expressway I-278 and turn right onto South Avenue. Continue to Forest Avenue and make a right turn. Drive one block to Grandview Avenue and turn left onto Grandview Avenue. The line forms on the right side of Grandview Avenue, facing Netherlands Avenue, beginning behind Kohl’s Department Store and not in the parking lots.

2. Snug Harbor Road Test Location

Location — Richmond Terrace and Snug Harbor Road Staten Island, NY 10301
Directions — Take 440 North to 278 East towards Verrazano Bridge. Take Exit 9 Rte 440 North Bayonne to exit 12 toward Forest Avenue. Make a right on Forest Avenue and then a left on Jewett Avenue. Then make a right on Richmond Terrace and past Bard Avenue is Snug Harbor Road you will see the signs to line up for the road test. Do not go past the last sign.

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Exploring Port Richmond: 5 Places to Polish Your Driving Skills

driving lessons Port Richmond


Here are some exciting places in Port Richmond that can help you enhance your driving skills:

1. Faber Park

Begin your practice at Faber Park, which offers open parking spaces and calm roads. This is an excellent place to work on your basic driving maneuvers, such as turning, stopping, and starting.

2. Forest Avenue

Cruise along Forest Avenue to practice maintaining a consistent speed and staying within your lane. The straight stretches and moderate traffic make it ideal for honing your control over the vehicle.

3. Jewett Avenue

Explore Jewett Avenue, where you can practice making turns, handling intersections, and adjusting your speed accordingly. The relatively quiet surroundings provide a comfortable environment for learning.

4. Richmond Terrace

Drive along Richmond Terrace, experiencing a mix of commercial and residential areas. This will help you become accustomed to various types of traffic and street conditions.

5. Goethals Road North

Head to Goethals Road North to practice merging onto highways and handling highway driving. Pay attention to lane changes and get accustomed to higher speeds.

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