2020 DMV Permit Test Questions and Answers

July 20, 2020

Welcome to your 2022 DMV Permit Test Actual Questions and Correct Answers. Please answer all the questions

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1. What is the first thing you should do during an enforcement stop?
2. On a two-lane undivided highway, the maximum speed limit for vehicles towing trailers is?
3. What type of sign is this?

4. This sign warns you about?

5. What does this sign mean?

6. This warning sign represents?

7. Special “turnout” areas marked on a two-lane road
8. A traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow means that you should?
9. Which of the following signs represents two-way traffic?

A.     B.

C.      D.
10. When two vehicles meet on a steep mountain road where neither can pass, which vehicle has the right of way?
11. A driver in front of you is signaling with his or her hand and arm pointing upward. This driver wants to?


12. What does this regulatory sign mean?

13. If your parked car rolls away and hits another vehicle, you should?
14. This sign represents?

15. At an unmarked crosswalk, you must
16. A driver who is a minor receives a phone call on his or her cell phone. He should?
17. A driver under the age of 21
18. In a roundabout, you must drive in
19. A child under 8 years old ____________ when all the rear seats are already occupied by children under 7 years old.


20. If you are in an intersection and you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you should,
21. If a person is convicted of causing serious bodily injury when trying to evade a peace officer, the maximum imprisonment is
22. When you want to enter a freeway, you should?
23. Locked wheel skids are usually caused by
24. Use ___________ steering when correcting a skid.
25. If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, you should
26. Two sets of solid double yellow lines spaced two or more feet apart indicate
27. A(n) ____________ sign on a truck means that the truck’s load is potentially dangerous
28. What does this warning sign mean?

29. When you see livestock near the roadway, you should
30. To avoid tailgating, one should follow the
31. A _____________ painted curb is designated for disabled persons who display their placards
32. If you litter on the roadside, you are subject to a fine of______________