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When it comes to the laws of the road for passing another vehicle, truck drivers must adhere to specific guidelines. These principles may help keep themselves and their car safe and the rest of the drivers on the road.

Knowing the passing regulations is particularly vital since truck drivers who break them face harsh penalties and risk losing their jobs.

The Department of Motor Vehicles based in New York City provides some advice that fleet managers may pass on to drivers as a polite reminder for individuals searching for a brief reference to the laws of the road for passing.

How to Successfully Pass Other Vehicles

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Safety Tips and General Guidelines for Passing Another Vehicle

If done wrong, passing may be quite deadly. Here are 11 safety guidelines and laws to keep in mind:

  1. Always double-check to ensure the road ahead is free and that you have a big enough gap in approaching traffic before passing – don’t put yourself in a risky scenario because you lack patience.
  2. You should avoid passing motorcyclists and bicycles, particularly on a road with two lanes.
  3. When passing, never go faster than the posted speed limit! If you need to exceed the speed limit, there is no reason to pass. It is both unsafe and unlawful to do so.
  4. It would be best to overtake the left side of cars in general. You could pass on the right side in some extremely restricted conditions.
  5. Passing cars when your line of sight is limited or constrained by a hill, bend, or weather conditions is sometimes unlawful and dangerous.
  6. If you’re passing at night, softly touch your horn or flash your headlights to alert the vehicle in front of you that you’re going to overtake.
  7. Stay inside the marked road boundary or on the paved portion of the road when passing. You can even lose control of your vehicle if you drive on the shoulder of the highway or off the paved area of the road.
  8. Passing vehicles when there is a strong yellow line on your roadside is forbidden.
  9. Never pass a halted school bus with children being loaded or unloaded.
  10. Do not pass a stopped school bus whenever the red flashing lights are engaged, or the stop signals are extended.
  11. Do not return to your previous lane until the headlights of the car you just passed are visible in your rear-view mirror. You may cause a car collision by forcing the vehicle you just passed to brake.

Passing Another Vehicle: Speed Limit

is passing on the right illegal on the highway

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Other drivers may swear (or honk) at you, but truck drivers are aware that trucks on the highway may occasionally drive side-by-side for extended periods than other cars.

This is because truckers must closely adhere to the speed limitations imposed on their vehicles. You can’t simply speed up to pass another truck.

Even though the listed speed is higher, many trucks are restricted to 65 mph.

Making Use of Mirrors

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Check your mirror before initiating a lane shift and signal the approaching lane change. Ensure to check your left shoulder and rear side window before moving into the left lane to ensure no vehicle is overtaking you or following closely behind you on the left lane.

When changing lanes, never rely solely on mirrors. Note that both sides of a truck’s rear have “blind areas.”

You may not detect a car in the blind spot in your mirrors, so you need to look behind your shoulder before changing lanes or passing.

Passing Another Vehicle on the Right

Commercial vehicles can only pass on the right if: 

Here Are Some Steps on Ways to Pass another Car

When Is It Not Safe to Pass Another Car?

when passing another vehicle drivers should

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Due to safety issues, emergency vehicles, traffic circumstances, and weather conditions, passing is risky or forbidden in some instances.

In general, don’t try passing in the following states:

What Should You Do When You’re Passed?

passing another vehicle

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Keep to the right and maintain or reduce your speed slightly when another vehicle passes you or signals to pass.

Make no unexpected lane changes or turns, and be ready to let the oncoming car back enter your lane.

Final Word

While failing to observe the laws of the road might be harmful, being observant and moving with caution can enable a safe shift to go in front of another car.

With this guide, you’ll be able to pass other vehicles hassle-free and get the best driving experience on the road.

Happy driving, folk!