What Are the Correct Parallel Parking Dimensions?

October 14, 2022

With your new skills in parallel parking, I am sure you are ready for your driving test, and you may be wondering what the correct parallel parking dimensions for a driving test are.

In New York, the parking spaces should measure 2.6 by 7.3 meters, but they vary from state to state.

Since parallel parking can be a hassle, it’s best to measure your car’s dimensions and ensure it will fit well in the space.

Stick on as we learn more about parallel parking dimensions.

What Are the Standard Parallel Parking Dimensions?

parallel parking dimensions


Every state has its own recommended measurement. The average space for parallel parking in the United States is 8.6 by 23 feet (2.6 by 7.0 meters). In New York, the measurements are 8.5 by 24 feet.

The spacing was designed so that when an ideal car is parked, it leaves a wide space for clearance when moving in and out of the space without touching other cars.

How Far From the Curb Should My Car Be in the Parallel Parking Space?

When parking your car, you must ensure you keep the appropriate distance from other cars. The car should be 12 to 16 inches from the curb, leaving enough exit space. Align your car mirror to the mirror of the car in front of ours.

Keep your car at the center, leaving equal distances at the front and behind. Observe all the parallel parking rules for effortless parking.

Where Should I Position My Car to Start Parallel Parking?

The first step should be signaling to show your intention to stop and park at the available space. Stop in front of the space and allow the following drivers to pass to avoid blocking you from backing up and am sure you won’t want to drive directly to the space as it’s a bad experience.

How Do I Pick a Parallel Parking Spot?

Now that you know the parallel parking dimension in New York and mastered the art of parallel parking, picking a spot that works for your car will be easier.

First, avoid getting in the first space you see; move further, and get another space where your car will fit well.

Remember to keep reserved parking since it’s illegal to park, stand or stop in a parking lot reserved for people with disabilities.

When Will I Be Asked to Parallel Park?

There’s no specific time for your examiner to tell you to parallel park. With more practice and preparation, you won’t have to worry about the specific time.

What Will the Examiner Be Looking For?

Since parallel parking can be challenging, your examiner may not expect perfection from you, but you must show your best skills for good marks.

Control: Your examiner will check on how fast you can make the maneuver to the parking space. At this point, the examiner doesn’t expect you to make a move in 30 seconds, and he will allow you to take your time as long as you maintain control over the car.

Precision: You must be very keen when parallel parking since some mistakes could be disastrous and lead to your test failure. Keep a reasonable distance between the curb; it should be pretty close.

Coordination: The examiner will check your accuracy in steering and reversing the wheel and how you use the MSM routine to check the surroundings when parallel parking.

How Wide Are the Roads with Parallel Parking?

how are the wide roads with parallel parking


The width and length of the road vary from state to state, just like parallel parking dimensions. On average, a road with parallel parking space in the United States should be 35 feet wide. Furthermore, with two 8.6 feet wide aisles for parallel parking and a 12 feet road for cars to pass through.

The parallel parking model aims at saving space in areas with limited parking.

How do I Parallel Park?

With a lot of practice, you won’t have a hard time parallel parking, and to make it easier. we have a blog on 10 steps of parallel parking that will leave you parking like a pro.

What Should Be the Distance Between Parking Cones?

distance between parking with cones


Place the cones fifteen feet apart for easier parking. The distance represents a standard parking space, and it will be easier for you to go to a parallel parking lot.

Is Parallel Parking a Requirement in the New York Driving Test?

The examiner expects you to know how to parallel park before scheduling your driving test and can ask you to do it anytime.

Final Thoughts

Ensure you know the measurements of your car before your driving test. A parallel parking space’s dimensions will help you calculate and see if your car fits in the space. Most SUVs and Sedans fit in the standard parking spaces leaving a reasonable distance at the front and back for easier pulling out. Practice parallel parking, and ask your instructor to help. All the best in your test.