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The 5 hour class for driving was initiated to furnish new drivers with safe driving knowledge. This course is mandatory for every driver who is planning to schedule a behind-the-wheel road test that qualifies them for a driver’s license. 

The new 5 hour course online Zoom format offers much flexibility, and you can enroll, schedule, and complete your training anywhere.

Table of Contents

Why the Online 5 Hour Class is Necessary

The goal of the DMV when mandating the online 5-hour class is to equip you, as a new driver, with safe driving skills before you get behind the wheel. 

This will help prevent motor vehicle crashes, save many lives, and minimize the severity of the injuries suffered during crashes.

What Happens in a Zoom 5 Hour Course?

The online 5-hour class is DMV-approved and standardized to offer knowledge that every new New York State driver needs to stay safe while driving. 

Its curriculum is standardized and administered by New York State Education Department-certified instructors.

The Zoom 5 hour course covers several topics that are essential to driving, including;

For a long time, the 5 hr course has been offered in a physical classroom at our Brooklyn driving school. However, after the pandemic hit the world in 2020, the DMV approved the online version of the class to be delivered via Zoom across New York.

The online lessons are presented as lectures and video presentations. At the end of the five hour classes online, you’ll have understood your responsibilities as a safe driver and other factors that impact your driving. As a new driver, this is your only formal opportunity to learn and understand driving basics.

The course duration is five hours. During this time, students will take nine learning modules and about 270 minutes of driving instructions with breaks in between.

Getting the 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course Certification

5-hour driving class online

The New York State online 5-hour class includes 9 quizzes for the nine learning modules. Each module has a five-question quiz, which you have to score 70% or higher for you to proceed to the next section. And for each quiz, you have unlimited chances to attempt the questions until you pass.

After successfully completing and passing your five-hour online course, you’ll receive a course completion confirmation from your provider, which you’ll then submit to the New York State DMV. 

The DMV will then post your course completion to your driver record. You’ll not need to come with your original pre-licensing course certificate to your test location on the appointed day of your road test.

A few days after taking your course, you’ll receive your 5-hour pre-licensing course certificate through email. If you have to pick your certificate, you should adhere to the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

According to the DMV, you must complete your 5-hour course online Zoom within thirty days of registering.

Your five-hour class online course certificate, also known as the MV-278 certificate, is valid for a year from the date of issue. If the certificate expires before taking the road test, you’ll need to complete the class again to schedule your road test. Your certificate must be valid for you to make an appointment for the road test.

What to Do if You Lose Your 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Certificate

If you lose your original 5-hour pre-licensing certificate, your provider can issue you with a duplicate certificate. 

This may come at a fee. You should know that this certificate is a requirement you need for you to take the road test. So, take good care of it.

5-Hour Class Online Via Zoom — DMV Approved!

To qualify for a driving license in New York, you need to train for at least 5 hours driving class at a DMV-approved driving school before you could take the New York State road test.

Traditionally, you have to physically be present in the school to study for the course. However, you can now attend the course online in the comfort of your house. This is more convenient for some trainees and safer for everyone living in these pandemic times.

Why the Zoom 5 Hour Course?

5 hour class near me

The DMV online 5 hours class after the New York governor allowed it in late July 2020. Initially, new New York drivers were required to take the 5-hour course in a classroom setting to learn safe driving principles and traffic rules before they got their driver’s license. This course has helped to reduce traffic violations in New York State.

Starting fall 2020, all new drivers aged 18 and above were allowed by the state to take the 5-hour pre-licensing course online. Teenagers under 18 seeking a junior driver’s license will have to continue taking the 5-hour course online.

The world over, many people have found ways to do some activities online that are traditionally done offline. As a result, more meetings, conferences, religious services, lectures, memorial services, etc., were conducted online in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

Fortunately, more online meeting platforms have opened up or improved to better serve the special needs of different groups of people. You can now virtually meet with many other people and have a real-time meetings.

Apart from Zoom, other platforms offering live meetings include Skype, WebEx, Go To Meeting, etc. However, at Pierre Paul Driving School, we offer our 5 hour classes via Zoom.

The Zoom meeting platform became more popular during the Covid-19 crisis due to the safety and convenience it offers in this social distance situation. Driving schools could not effectively provide the in-class Pre-licensing Course (5-hour driving class) due to the risks involved. The students had to adhere to social distance guidelines, some of which were not easy to implement.

But then, technology came to the rescue. Along came Zoom and other virtual meeting software.

Zoom is easy to use, and you can attend live lessons via Zoom as long as you follow the set-up steps.

5 Hour Course Online Zoom Topics

The online 5 hour course NY covers many topics that enable you to have a basic understanding of what the New York State law requires of you when driving.

These include:

DMV Conditions for 5 Hour Class Online

nys 5-hour course for 16 year olds

These are the conditions a driving academy ought to follow when offering the 5-hour driving lessons:

For the avoidance of doubt, computer programs or software should not deliver the driving lessons in the absence of a qualified instructor.

This helps the school to determine if you are really eligible for the course. Moreover, the school will also record your information as presented on your Learner’s Permit.

That’s why you should ensure you have strong, reliable Internet before the meeting starts.

We mail you the certificate for signing.  You then submit the certificate to the New York State DMV, which then updates your driver record before scheduling a road test.

5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course: Preparation, Completion, and What Comes After

5-hour pre licensing course online free

Did you know that at least 35% of applicants fail their permit test on their first attempt?

It’s no wonder more people are making sure they go into the whole driver’s license experience better prepared.

Are you ready to get your official NY driver’s license? How can you improve your odds of success? Keep reading to learn how to get ready for the 5-hour pre-licensing class.

How to Prepare for the New York 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Every state has different requirements for obtaining a license. There are some states where you can take a written permit and then a driving test while there are other states like New York that have a 5-hour pre-licensing class that is to help new drivers drive safely.

So How is a Zoom Meeting Set Up?

To set up a Zoom meeting, you should follow this procedure:

The Online 5-Hour Driving Course Requirements

5 hour pre licensing course zoom

For you to take the 5-hour driving course online, you have to meet these requirements:

Depending on your lesson provider, you may have to:

The 5-Hour Class Zoom Guidelines

Where is the 5-Hour Class Offered?

Since July 2020, the 5-hour course is offered online through Zoom.

Initially, the 5-hour class was available in different places including high schools, colleges, driving schools, universities, and a few other DMV-approved sites. For example, at Pierre Paul Driving, we were offering the 5 hour class in Brooklyn.

Those that teach the class have to be certified driving school instructors with a classroom endorsement and approved classroom instructors.

The best way to find a course near your area you can search “Driving Instruction” online or if you have a telephone directory you can look under driving instruction as well.

The instructors have to follow the curriculum set out by the DMV and must teach only at approved locations. The requirements the instructors must follow are very clear by the DMV.

Successful Class Completion

5-hour course dmv

Once you pass the pre-licensing course you will be given an MV-278 which is a pre-licensing course certificate. If you complete your class through a college driver education course of a high school you will receive an MV-285 (Student Certificate of Completion).

To schedule your road test, you have to have one of the above certificates. When you show up for your road test you have to bring the original certificate to give to your license examiner.

Keep in mind that once you receive your certificate it’s only valid for a year from the date it’s issued to you. If for some reason you let your certificate expire you have to complete the 5-hour pre-licensing class again. On the day you make the appointment, the certificate has to be valid but on the day you take the road test, it can be expired.

If you’re changing your license from one license class to a new one you don’t need to have a certificate if you already have a New York State driver’s license. In this case, all you need to do is apply to amend to a different license class.

How Do I Collect My Pre-Licensing Course Certificate?

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we issue the pre-licensing course certificate in three ways:

What to Expect after the 5-Hour Class?

5 hour class near

Once you have completed the 5-hour class, you should get ready for the road test. But before the road test, you need to learn practical driving lessons.

If you’re under the age of 18 you have to have a minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice driving. Out of those 50 hours, a minimum of 15 have to be after sunset and a minimum of 10 have to be in moderate to heavy traffic.

If you’re over the age of 18 the above hours are not required but it’s a good idea to practice too. You don’t want to show up and fail because of little preparation.

Practice for the Road Test

After successful 5-hour pre-license completion it’s practice time. Practicing the following will help you feel more confident and ready to pass on the day of your road test.


Practice accelerating smoothly after stopping. Don’t cause the engine to stall or race the engine. Smooth is the key when you practice acceleration.


Practice hitting the breaks gently and not slamming on the breaks last minute. You also want to practice stopping at a safe distance if there’s a vehicle in front of you.


Double-check that your car is in the correct gear whether it’s an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. If driving a manual transmission practice not grinding gears by shifting into the right gear at the right time.


Practice keeping an eye on all of your surroundings as you drive. You don’t want to practice only looking straight ahead. Get in the habit of looking through the rearview mirror and side mirrors constantly.

Safe Distance

You want to keep a space between the vehicle in front of you at all times. If there’s poor weather you want to give enough distance to brake in case of an emergency without hitting the vehicle in front.


Pay attention to the posted speed limit at all times. If there is poor visibility or bad weather adjust your speed as needed.

Traffic Signs

How much is a 5-hour driving class in NY?

Make sure you study the different signs, signals, and markings. You want to know the meanings of them to make sure you follow everything during your road test. If you don’t know a particular sign and disobey it this might equal a failed road test.

Turn Signals

It’s important to get into the habit of using your turn signals before receiving your driver’s license. You want to let other drivers know what your intentions are and pedestrians too. Use your turn signals to help others know where you are going.

Ready to take Your 5-Hour Licensing Class?

It is quite a bit involved with receiving a driving license in the state of New York. Thankfully you don’t have to be overwhelmed if you take it step by step.

Here at Pierre Paul Driving School, we can help you get certified for the 5-hour pre-licensing class. Contact us today to pick the date you will take your class.

7 Ways the 5 Hours Driving Class Make You A Damn Good Driver

The essence of joining a driving school is to learn to drive safely. You can now learn to drive well without attending a driving school classroom, thanks to the online 5 hours driving class. We already discussed the requirements for a 5-hour driving class.

Whether you are a teenager learning to drive for the first time, or an adult returning to the driving school to learn new tricks or refresh memory and skills, the 5-hour driving class can be of much help.

At Pierre Paul Driving School, we have embraced the 5-hour pre-licensing course to cater to the needs of those learners who, for various reasons, find it more convenient to attend the driving lessons remotely.

Some people are hesitant about the 5-hour driving class, thinking it is less effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, you get as much as any student who attends a physical driving class.

So these are the seven ways 5-hour driving classes make you a damn good driver:

1. You Become an Expert in Highway Driving

Can you take the NYS 5-hour course online?

Any driver worth the name should be able to safely drive along the highway, observing the traffic rules and other related regulations. Attending the 5 hours driving class can transform you into one of the best experts in highway driving.

2. Your Driving Anxiety Will Vanish for Good

Got involved in a car accident sometime back and the thought of holding a steering wheel makes you wince?

You’re not the only one. We’ve met students like that and helped them become excellent and fearless drivers.

You can learn something from this one, for example:

5 hour brooklyn

The 5 hour class online is for everyone. You’ll be taught by experienced instructors who will make you feel confident and safe again.

Book the 5 hour class here.

3. The 5-Hour Driving Class Prepares You to Deal With Road Rage Like a Boss

Do you want to deal with road rage like a boss? Attend the 5 hour driving classes. In this class, you get to learn the confidence and calm you need to always pass through the storm that defines some of the roads, especially here in New York.

You will have to deal with thousands of undisciplined, reckless drivers in your driving career. Enroll in this course to learn why you should not lose your cool even when you are taken advantage of. The bad drivers need not see themselves in you.

At times, a good driver ends up acting like a bad one because “if they can beat you, join them,” but that’s not what you will get from a competent instructor handling one of the 5 hour driving classes.

4. Driving Safely Becomes Your New Forte

How many modules are in the NYS 5 hour course?

The 5 hour driving class continually emphasizes the importance of safe driving. If you are an adult who has been less keen on safe driving of late and you feel it could get worse, take a break from the road and join a 5 hour driving class to re-learn the lessons you gradually unlearned.

You will get to appreciate why you should always put your and other road users’ safety ahead of your desire to get to your destination ahead of time.

At the end of the course, driving safely becomes your new forte.

5. You Avoid Getting In Trouble with Traffic Officers

Reckless driving is expensive in the long run, even if you escape road accidents. Overspending will always invite a ticket from the police. If it gets too much, you could lose your driving license.

Each time the police stop you due to unsafe driving, it is at the expense of your time and, well, your money if you lose the argument.

The safe driving habits you learn at one of the 5 hour driving classes will keep you from getting into trouble with the traffic police.

6. The 5 Hours Driving Course is a Step Closer to the Road Test

Do you need a 5 hour course to get your license in NY?

Passing your road test starts in the driving class, not on the road. The quality of the instructions you receive dramatically determines how you will perform.

The 5 hour driving class is a step closer to your road test. Anyway, what’s the point of joining a driving school if you will not pass the road test? You need a driving license, and one easy way to get it is to join a 5 hour driving class at a reputable driving school.

7. The 5 Hr Class Helps You Save Time and Money

The DMV 5 hour course is the best deal for you if you are on a tight budget yet still want to learn driving. Because it is done online, you are not going to incur any transport costs. This enables you to save the money you could have spent commuting to and from a driving school.

If you have a busy schedule, the DMV 5 hour class online also helps you to save time. Each day, you spend only five hours learning to drive. Now, fancy how much time it will take you to get to a driving school near you. 

Whether it is a long or short time, it comes to zero if you attend a virtual driving class. Immediately after the course, you proceed to the next item on your to-do list.

The best part?

You become an expert driver after spending only 5 hours and at a fraction of the cost.

It should go without saying, but let’s point out that to attend a 5hr driving class, you need stable internet, a computer, clear earphones, a quiet environment, among others.

Software such as Zoom and Google Meet are some of the tools many driving schools use to connect with online driving students.

If you are interested, type ‘5 hour class near me’ on the search engine and check the results. Choose one of the schools whose customer reviews are generally positive.

If Pierre Paul Driving School is one of the results of your ‘5 hour class near me’ search, we humbly urge you to choose it. We are located in the Brooklyn area of New York City. We are also a DMV-approved school, so we qualify to teach you the driving skills you need and help you become a safe, skilled driver.

5 Hour Class Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the 5-hour course certificate/ MV-278 valid?

How long is NYS 5 hour certificate good for?

The 5-hour course certificate remains for one year from the date of issuance. It means you have to take the road test within one year. If the certificate expires before you take the road test, you have to take the lessons afresh.

When Should I Take The 5 Hour Course Online NY After Registering For It?

The DMV law requires a driving school student to take the 5-hour online pre-licensing course within a month (30 days) after registering.

Can I Find a 5 Hour Class Near Me?

Yes, if you’re from New York State, you can enroll in the 5 hr driving class with a DMV-approved driving school and learn online from the comfort of your home and at your preferred time.

What is  New York 5-Hour Online Pre-Licensing course?

The New York 5 hour online pre-licensing course is purposed for new drivers to teach them how to abide by New York Vehicle and Traffic law and drive safely. It’s 100% online.

The Online Pre-Licensing Program has been approved by the New York Safety Council which is under the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles(NYCMDV)  

To acquire a New York driver’s license, you must complete the 5-hour driving class before going ahead with the road test.

Do I Need a Learner Permit Photo for the Pre-Licensing Course?

How do I know if I passed my road test NY?

Yes. The NYCDMV necessitates that you provide an authentic New York Learner permit that has your photograph on it. 

With an interim learner permit that has no photo, you cannot start the training; wait until you get the one with a photo.

To acquire the interim learner permit, you must take the written permit exam at the DMV office. If you pass the exam, you get the permit immediately and two weeks to possess the photo permit.

Do I Have to Confirm My Identity to Take the 5 Hours Course?

Yes.  The Voice Biometrics technique is used to ensure that only the registered person takes part in the program. 

The verification is essential in helping you continue with the course at your own swiftness.

How voice biometrics works: when you enroll for the course, you will be required to call a phone number and enter a unique learner ID number, where you are then supposed to read a series of numbers. 

Your verification number and the ID number will emerge on your screen; your voice is recorded as you read these numbers loudly.

Who is Eligible for the 5-Hour Course Online?

Any fresh driver seeking a New York driver’s license can take the 5-hour course. The new driver must be 18 years and above. 

The student must have a photo learner permit before starting the course, the permit is issued by NYSMDV followed by a photo two weeks later.

Untrained drivers looking for a junior motorcycle license and junior driver’s license are not allowed to take the pre-licensing course online. Instead, the NYSMDV requires them to take a complete 5-hour classroom course.

Is the New York Pre-Licensing Course Available in Spanish?

Yes. The New York DMV provides a fully described and approved Spanish version of the 5-hour course. 

The Spanish pre-licensing course is 100% online, and you can take the class through Zoom.

What Topics Does the 5-Hour Course Cover?

5 Hour Pre-licensing Class Online

The online 5-hour course in New York provides new drivers with crucial education on defensive driving and rules on the road. 

There are additional topics covered in this online driving class which include:

With the above lessons, you will know more about factors that affect your driving and the responsibilities of driving.

How Long Will It Take to Complete the 5-Hour Class Online?

The pre-license online course takes about 5 hours to complete. However, you are allowed to take multiple breaks and complete the course modules at your pace. 

The course has nine modules and 270 minutes of instructions, excluding quizzes.

Does the 5-Hour Class Have a Final Exam?

The New York 5-Hour Course does not have a final exam; instead, it has nine quizzes. Upon completion of each module, you take a short quiz.

After completing all quizzes, you are required to score 70% and above to proceed to the next section, with up to three attempts for each quiz.

How Long Do I Have to Finalize the Class?

5 hour class new york

You must complete the New York 5-Hour Online Pre-Licensing Course within 30 calendar days of registering according to the NYSDMV regulations.

When Will I be provided with a Certificate of Completion?

After you successfully pass the online 5-hour classes, New York Safety Council will send you a confirmation email of your course completion and submit it to the NYSMDV. 

It takes 24 to 48 hours for your course completion to be updated on your driver record.

You don’t have to carry your original Pre-Licensing Course Certificate before the road test at the NYSMDV test location. 

However, students who complete their 5-hour pre-licensing course in a classroom need to carry their original documents.

How Much Does It Cost for the 5-hour Driving Lesson?

The cost of the online driving class depends on the driving school you attend. At Pierre Paul Driving School, with only $50, you get to experience the best driving class.  

With our highly trained instructors, you will complete the class ready for the road test.

Can I Have My 5-Hour Course Online?

Yes. The 5-hour driving class is 100% online; that is why your photo is required. 

Confirm that you are in a quiet environment with stable internet to download the Zoom application and enjoy the Zoom class in the comfort of your home.

Make sure that your camera is clear; your microphone must be functional too. We will send you the link one or two hours to the class.

Is the 5-hour Class the Same as Defensive Driving?

No. The 5-hour pre-licensing class is mandatory for anyone seeking a driver’s license in New York and uses the state-required curriculum. It is purely a Zoom class.

On the other hand, defensive driving (point insurance reduction program) provides licensed drivers with additional information on how to stay cautious and safe when driving.

This way, the drivers can obtain a reduction on their insurance. Defensive driving uses a curriculum that the NY DMV approves.

How Long is the 5-hour Course Certificate Valid in New York?

dmv 5 hour course

Your pre-licensing certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue. Remember you need it to book for a road test.

If the course certificate expires, you will have to complete another course to book an appointment for a road test.

If you’re eager to get your pre-licensing certificate, you can book your online 5 hour class in Brooklyn with a licensed provider like Pierre Paul Driving School to enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take My 5-Hour Course in NY?

Yes. To begin your driver’s course, you must first get a learner’s permit with your picture on it. New York State’s Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) needs a certified New York learner permit that contains your picture before beginning your 5-hour course.

Can I Take the Nys 5-Hour Course Online?

Absolutely. You can enroll in the online 5-hour course if you are at least 18 years old, hold a valid NYS Learner Permit, and have an internet-connected device.

Is a 5-Hour Pre-licensing Course Online Free? 

No, it is not. To enroll in the pre-licensing course, you need $50 and an NYS permit, and you should be over 18 years old.

Can I Take a 5-Hour Class in Person? 

Our driving school has traditionally provided a 5-hour training in a real classroom setting. However, the DMV allowed an online version of the class to be given through Zoom across New York in 2020 when the pandemic struck worldwide.

Do I Need a 5-Hour Class on the Day of My Road Test? 

No, the 5 hour class for driving just helps you to learn driving safety, and generally the New York. You will need to take practical driving lessons before the road test.

Can I Use My 5-Hour Class After It Expires? 

The MV-278 certificate is valid for a year from issuing your five-hour online course certificate. You’ll have to retake the program if your certificate expires before you can arrange your road test.

Do I Need a 5-Hour Class if I Did Drivers’ Ed? 

No, you don’t. They are both similar except that drivers’ education occurs at your local high school or college while the five hours class is online-based.

Do I Need to Go to a Driving School to Take a 5-Hour Class?

No, you can take the 5-hour class online, and when done, you will get a certificate of completion, which you may use to schedule a driving test.

What Next After a 5-Hour Class?

After passing the New York 5-Hour Course, you may need to enroll for driving lessons in the physical classroom and have an instructor guide you through practical driving lessons. 

Later, you can schedule a road test appointment with the NYSDMV. 

Can I Get a Copy of My 5-Hour Class?

If you misplace your pre-licensing course certificate, you should contact the institution that issued it to request a replacement. And there is a $20 cost for a duplicate certificate.

Can I Use My 5-Hour Class in Any State in New York? 

No. Because the New York 5-hour class is a state-sponsored course, it is tailored to the laws of New York. However, each state has its own standards, and some states don’t even need a class.

How Can I Get My 5-Hour Class Certificate after Taking the Class? 

You can collect the certificate from our offices 5 to 8 days after completing the class. We can also send it to you via regular mail after 3 -5 days at $15. If you need it quicker (1-3 days), we can send it via priority mail at a $20 fee.

Do You Need a 5-Hour Course to Get Your License in NY? 

All new drivers in New York must complete a 5-hour driving education course recognized by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll learn all you need to know about New York’s traffic rules and safe driving practices.

How to Prepare for a 5-Hour Class for Driving?

Every state has its own set of licensing requirements. Plus, a written permit and a driving exam are available in certain jurisdictions, whereas, in other states, like New York, a 5-hour pre-licensing program is required for new drivers.

Does the DMV Offer 5-Hour Classes?

Yes, it does. This can be offered online and satisfies the criteria of the NYSDMV for pre-licensing training. All new drivers must take a five-hour pre-licensing course to prepare for their first driving license road test.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Take a 5-Hour Class?  

The 5-hour session is intended for new drivers aged 18 and older who are prepared to take the road test for their first driver’s license and are interested in learning more about it.

Is the 5-Hour Class the Same as the MV-278 Certificate?

Well, all students who complete the 5-hour class get a certificate of completion, MV-278.

What Is the 5-Hour Class Road Test Requirement?

You must adhere to the learner’s permit regulations about where and when you can drive. After this, you can finish the 5-hour driver education course and receive appropriate supervised driving practice. All these are requirements to help you pass the road test.

In a Nutshell

A 5-hour class for driving is an excellent investment in your safety and the safety of others on the road. By completing this course, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help you avoid accidents, reduce your insurance rates, and enhance your driving experience.