Online 5 Hour Class – Everything You Need To Know

September 12, 2020

The DMV approved online 5 hours class after the New York governor allowed it in late July this year. Initially, new New York drivers were required to take the 5-hour course in a classroom setting to learn safe driving principles and traffic rules before they get their driver’s license. This course has helped to reduce traffic violations in New York State.

Starting this fall 2020, all new drivers aged 18 and above are allowed by the state to take the 5-hour pre-licensing course online. Teenagers under 18 seeking a junior driver’s license will have to continue taking the 5-hour course online.

The five-hour course online program was initiated to furnish new drivers with safe driving knowledge. This course is a must for every driver who is planning to schedule a behind-the-wheel road test that qualifies them for the driver’s license. The new online format offers much flexibility to learners, and they can enroll, schedule, and complete their training anywhere.

What Happens in a 5 Hour Class?

The online 5-hour class is DMV-approved and standardized to offer knowledge that every new New York State driver needs to stay safe while driving. Its curriculum is standardized and administered by New York State Education Department-certified instructors.

The course covers several topics that are essential to driving, including;

  • The meaning of road markings and road signs
  • Driver skills and habits
  • Safe driving principles
  • Attitudes, feelings, and risk-taking
  • Skills for defensive driving
  • Drugs, alcohol, and driving
  • Driving within the interstate highway system
  • Road rage and aggressive driving

The lessons will be presented as lectures and video presentations. At the end of the five-hour course online, you’ll have understood your responsibilities as a safe driver and other factors that impact your driving. As a new driver, this is your only formal opportunity to learn and understand driving basics.

The course duration is five hours. During this time, students will take nine learning modules and about 270 minutes of driving instructions with breaks in between.

The Online 5-Hour Driving Course Requirements

For you to take the 5-hour driving course online, you have to meet these requirements:

  • Be 18 years of age and above
  • Have access to a tablet, computer/laptop, or smartphone with a functioning camera and microphone and a stable internet connection
  • Have your current photo learners permit in soft copy
  • Schedule and reserve your learning spot ahead of time
  • Pay for the online class
  • Have a valid email where login details and invitation will be sent
  • Email the permit copy after receiving the invitation
  • Be ready to complete your scheduled 5 hours of the class to the end on the very same day
  • Make sure the environment you plan to use for lessons is serene and with no distractions

Depending on your lesson provider, you may have to:

  • Download a Zoom app from the app store
  • Have an up to date YouTube app to enable you to access the video lessons
  • Turn on your camera and microphone at the beginning of the session
  • Use the name on your Photo ID Learners Permit to register on Zoom.
  • Log in 10 minutes earlier to prepare. You’ll receive you Zoom meeting ID via email on the scheduled day of class

Online 5 Hour Class Guidelines

  • Create a calm and quiet environment where you won’t be distracted.
  • Keep your camera on for the whole session
  • Switch your mic off when you are not participating
  • Keep your device charger with you just in case

Getting the 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course Certification

The New York State online 5-hour class includes 9 quizzes for the nine learning modules. Each module has a five-question quiz, which you have to score 70% or higher for you to proceed to the next section. For each quiz, you have unlimited chances to attempt the questions until you pass.

After successfully completing and passing your five-hour online course, you’ll receive a course completion confirmation from your provider, which you’ll then submit to the New York State DMV. The DMV will then post your course completion to your driver record. You’ll not need to come with your original pre-licensing course certificate at your test location on the appointed day of your road test.

A few days after taking your course, you’ll receive your 5-hour pre-licensing course certificate through email. If you have to pick your certificate, you should adhere to the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

According to the DMV, you must complete your 5-hour online pre-licensing course within thirty days of registering.

Your five-hour class online course certificate, also known as MV-278 certificate, is valid for a year from the date of issue. If the certificate expires before taking the road test, you’ll need to complete the class again to schedule your road test.Your certificate must be valid for you to make an appointment for the road test.

Why the Online 5 Hour Class is Necessary

The goal of the DMV when mandating the online 5-hour class is to equip new drivers with safe driving skills before they get behind the wheel. This will help prevent motor vehicle crashes, save many lives, and minimize the severity of the injuries suffered during crashes.

What to Do if You Lose Your 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Certificate

If you lose your original 5-hour pre-licensing certificate, your provider can issue you with a duplicate certificate. This may come at a fee. You should know that this certificate is a requirement you need for you to take the road test.

Ultimate Thoughts

Since July this year, the New York 5 hour course is now 100% online. New drivers above 18 years can schedule and take the course flexibly any time, anywhere. The course is a mandatory requirement from the Department of Motor Vehicles for any new driver who wants to book a road test to get their driver’s license. It teaches them skills for driving safely and complying with the New York traffic laws.

If you’re eager to get your pre-licensing certificate, you can book your online 5-hour class with a licensed provider like Pierre Paul Driving School to enroll.