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Road Test Locations Near Old Place

1. Lenevar Avenue Road Test Site

Location: Lenevar Avenue between Lamont Avenue and Edgegrove Avenue Staten Island, NY 10309

Direction: If you’re coming from the Staten Island Expressway, head towards the West Shore Expressway (440 South). Take Exit 3 and at the Bloomingdale Road traffic light, make a left turn. Follow Bloomingdale Road to Woodrow Road and turn left. Continue to Lenevar Avenue, where you’ll make a right turn. Keep driving past Ramona Avenue, and you’ll find the lineup area on the right side, facing Edgegrove Avenue, marked by red parking signs.

2. Father Capodanno Blvd Road Test Site

Location: Northside at Lincoln Avenue Staten Island, NY 10306

Direction: Cross the Verrazano Bridge, preferably using the lower level. Afterward, take the exit for Lily Pond Avenue South. Stay on Lily Pond Avenue, and it will naturally become Father Capodanno Blvd. Continue on Father Capodanno until it reaches its end and makes a U-turn heading north. Once you’ve completed the U-turn, you’ll notice prominent red signs on the right indicating the lineup area, beginning at Lincoln Avenue.

Why Consider Pierre Paul Driving School in Old Place

1. Flexible Classes

Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or a busy parent, our flexible class timings can accommodate your needs.

2. Budget-friendly classes

We understand that learning to drive can be a significant expense, which is why we offer affordable packages to ease the financial burden.

3. Pre-licensing Classes

At Old Place Driving School, we’re proud to offer pre-licensing classes that serve as the crucial first step toward obtaining your driver’s license.

4. Certifed DMV Instructors

Our DMV-certified instructors have undergone extensive training and have been tested on their knowledge of safe driving practices, traffic laws, and teaching techniques. 

5 Hidden Gems in Old Place to Take Your Driving Skills to the Next Level

Old Place is a historic area in Staten Island, New York, known for its picturesque streets and scenic views. Here are some great places that you should look out for.

driving lessons in Old Place


1. Hylan Boulevard

A slightly busier road, but it’s a great place to experience moderate traffic conditions and navigate through various intersections.

2. Quintard Street

This residential street offers opportunities for new drivers to practice parallel parking and managing narrow roadways.

3. Father Capodanno Boulevard Bridge

This is an excellent location to practice merging onto and exiting from highways, helping new drivers build highway confidence.

4. Cedar Grove Beach

The parking lot at Cedar Grove Beach provides a quiet and spacious area for parking practice and honing driving skills.

5. Great Kills Park

This park offers a mix of open spaces, parking areas, and scenic roads, making it versatile for different aspects of driving practice.

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