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Recommended Services in Oakwood Driving School

5 Hour Driving Course

Learn how to comply with New York’s traffic laws in our interactive and educational pre-licensing online course.

Road Test Appointment

With our help, you can book a road test near the school and be the first one to complete and pass their road test.

Personalized Driving Instruction

Get personalized driving instructions at Oakwood Driving School and increase your confidence behind the wheel.

Road Test Locations New Oakwood 

1. Dugdale Street Road Test Location

Location: Dugdale Street between Riga Street and Mill Road, Staten Island, NY 10306

Directions: Exit the Verrazano Bridge at Exit 14, heading toward Hylan Blvd. Merge onto Narrows Road North. Make a left turn onto Hylan Blvd. Continue along Hylan Blvd. Use the right two lanes to make a right turn onto Hylan Blvd. Then, make a left turn onto Guyon Avenue.

Finally, turn right onto Mill Road. After traveling 0.2 miles, you will reach Dugdale Street.

2. Staten Island Road Test Location

Location: Grandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Take Staten Island Expressway I-278 and exit at South Avenue. Make a right turn onto South Avenue. Continue on South Avenue until you reach Forest Avenue. Make a right turn onto Forest Avenue. Proceed one block to Grandview Avenue. Turn left onto Grandview Avenue. The line-up location is on the right side of Grandview Avenue, facing Netherlands Avenue, just behind Kohl’s Department Store.

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Affordable Driving Packages

We offer affordable driving packages to ensure every student gets quality driving lessons at affordable prices.

Personalized Lessons

We offer personalized driving instructions to ensure each student gets quality training that suits them.

Experienced Instructors

We work with highly experienced instructors to ensure students get high-quality training to produce safe and responsible drivers.

9 Oakwood Places to Hone Your Driving Skills

Oakwood, Staten Island, has amazing driving spots for new drivers to explore and hone their skills. Let’s check those places:

driving lessons in Oakwood


1. Great Kills Park

A spacious park with various roadways and parking lots, perfect for practicing parking and maneuvering.

2. Cedar Grove Beach

It offers a calm atmosphere for new drivers to practice driving near the water.

3. Oakwood Heights Community Church

A large parking lot is ideal for practicing parking and basic driving skills.

4. Oakwood Shopping Center

A shopping center with ample parking spaces for practicing parking techniques.

5. South Beach Boardwalk

A scenic route along the coast where drivers can practice driving at different speeds and enjoy beautiful views.

6. South Beach Parking Lot

A spacious parking lot near the beach, perfect for practicing parking and basic maneuvers.

7. Oakwood Beach

A less crowded beach area with nearby parking lots suitable for practicing parking skills.

8. Mill Road Park

 A park with parking spaces and quiet streets for practicing various driving maneuvers.

9. Tanglewood Drive

It is a residential street with curves and turns, ideal for practicing controlled driving.

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