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The NYS DMV services have been known to provide driver’s licenses and vehicle registration.

Most of the services are online and give you the advantage of carrying them out at home.

In New York State, DMV provides additional services to its citizens. It partners with other state departments for better service delivery.

Read on to learn about these additional online transactions  provided by the department. 

Let’s dive in.

1.  Providing Permit and Driver’s license

After obtaining your permit, you are now ready for a road test prepared by DMV to evaluate owning a driver’s license.

Before you schedule for a test, prepare thoroughly by having more practice lessons with your instructor.

Learners under 18 must wait for six months after having their road test to schedule a road test.

Remember, to go on with your road test; you must have taken the pre-licensing course. The learner permit has restrictions that you must follow to succeed in your road test.

Now that you have prepared well for the road test make sure you take it before the permit expires.

After the test, prepare well for the results. Once the results are in and you have done well, a provisional license is available online. It will allow you to drive until your license arrives at your mail.

In case you fail, put more effort into your preparation and schedule for another test.

2. Renewing Your License or ID

Once your license expires, you need to take the vision test on the website, where the result is sent to the DMV Online Vision Registry or the MV-619 pdf that acts as proof that you had the test.

A temporary license or ID is available on the confirmation page as you wait for the new license to arrive in your mail. You can use it when driving. It is valid for 60 days.

Note that DMV can’t renew a learner’s permit online; you must apply for a new one. 

The department can’t renew commercial driver’s licenses online either because there are special medical requirements for the drivers.

3. Replace License, ID, or Permit

NYS DMV services

If you lose your license, ID, or permit, DMV replaces them for you. Before you start the process, make sure that your address details are up to date.

After making the payments, you can download the document on the confirmation that will allow you to drive for the next 60 days.

A replacement for people turning 21 in 41 days or more will be indicated “UNDER21.” If it is 40 days or less to your 21st birthday, the words “UNDER 21” will be left out.

4. Replace your Title Certificate

Are you worried about where to replace your title certificate? Well, the NYS DMV services offer this service online.

You can get a replacement in the comfort of your house. However, you must meet their requirements to access the service.

These requirements include:

You can also order your certificate through the mail, visit a DMV office, and once the certificate is printed, the department will mail it to your address.

5. Register for Organ Donation

NYS DMV services

Organ donation sounds weird to be in the NYS DMV services, right?

With the rising number of people who need organ transplants and the rise in deaths of people hoping for transplants, the DMV saw it right to offer these services. 

Registering organ donors will help the New York State Donate Life Registry hit the average donors target of 69%.

All you need is to go through the pdf that gives the requirements for the donation; it is available online.

With your driver’s license or non-driver card, you can create your DMV account where you can register for organ donation.

Donate an organ and save a life.

6. Renew a Business License

With your motor dealer business, you can renew your facility certificate with NYS DMV Services. Below are the must-have requirements for the renewal.

Note that you cannot renew the certificate online with a recent change of your business address and failure to update with DMV. You must fill the required forms and send them to the DMV.

Once you have completed your application and the payment, attach the check and send it to the NYS DMV address.

7. Providing a Driving Abstract

NYS DMV provides you with all your driving records. You can access them through the mail, online, or the office.

They provide all types of records.

The standard record shows only relevant information that DMV keeps. It usually contains information for the past years and includes some violations.

A lifetime driving record has all the license information of a driver. It also retains data for vehicles and traffic laws. This record may rule out the information recorded when you were a new driver.

Commercial driving record (CDL) has more; it includes any history of suspension and revocation. 

It also contains the health status of the driver. Employers request for the CDL.

Through MyDMV account, you can print a pdf of any record at a fee of $7. Five days after your download, you will have your license.

8. Online Voter Registration

NYS DMV services

DMV allows you to register online as a voter in New York state through the DMV application for voter registration. 

If you already have a file with the New York State Board of Elections, you can update the information through DMV. 

Some of the information that needs an update includes an address change, changes in party enrollment, or even a new name. 

DMV forwards the information to the City Board of Elections or county for processing and approval.

Requirements for registration are:

Make sure that you enter all characters correctly to avoid messing up.

You can avail yourself for application in the DMV office or do it by mail.

9. Change Address

After moving, you need to update the changes in your address on your driver’s license, permit, or non-driver ID.

DMV requires you to make these changes within ten days when you update these details on your vehicle registration; the updates are made on the title certificate. And you are not required to write the address on it.

Once you notice errors in the address, make sure you change it.

As the new address awaits recommendation, you can draw lines on your former address and write the new one on the registration document. 

Write the new address at the back of your driver’s license or permit.

Note that after updating your address details with the postal service, they don’t update automatically. 

Report these changes to the DMV. Your traffic ticket also needs to be updated to avoid violating traffic rules.

If you have lost the documents and are waiting for a mail, wait until the mail comes to open a DMV account.

10. Locate a DMV- Registered Business

DMV has the authority to regulate a particular category of businesses. With NYS DMV servcies, it is easier to locate these businesses.

These businesses include:

You need to know the following to search for these businesses.

Note that information about the following is not provided.

Final Word

Despite providing vehicle registration and license issuance, you are now familiar with other online transactions by the department. You can now enjoy these services in the comfort of your home. Since you need a drivers license, permit or non driver ID to enjoy the NYS DMV services, make sure that you attend our driving school for the best skills in driving.