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A valid NYC driver’s Licence is mandatory for all resident drivers.

New York State residents aged 16 and above can apply for a driver’s license.

However, the process of application can be time-consuming and infuriating, but not impossible.

There are different classes and types of licenses. Out-of-state and foreign drivers can operate in New York with a valid driver’s license from their respective countries.

You don’t need to apply for a NYC driver license unless you become a New York State resident.  An international driving permit is not compulsory, but it is helpful in such scenarios.

Non-New York residents intending to apply for one in New York are eligible.

You are required to obtain a residential permit and apply for the driver’s license within a compulsory 30 days. Let’s dive right in:

Determine What License Class and Type You Need.

There are different classes of licenses depending on the age and type of vehicle. Here’s the breakdown.

Classes of Licenses in NYC

Class D Operator license – It’s a class of permit whose holders have a Junior operator or driver Education, if under 18. It’s eligible for:

1. Passenger cars and trucks with  Gross Vehicle Weight  Rating (GVWR) OF 26,000 LBS, OR Less. 

2. A vehicle that can tow another vehicle that has a maximum gross weight of 10,000 lbs or less.

3. A vehicle that can tow another car with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs on if the combined weight rating of the two automobiles is 26,000 lbs or less.

4. Limited Use Motorcycles, Mopeds.

A,B,C – Commercial (CDL). It’s a license for heavy commercial vehicles, including tractor, trailers, and buses. For a CDL, you must have a NYC driver license, class D, E or non-CDL or a valid CDL from another state.

get driver license in ny

You should be aged 21 or over.  It is eligible for most single unit vehicles and vehicle combinations up to legal we9ght limits de[ending on endorsements.

Class M –  It is a license given to permit motorcycle driving within the city.  You must be aged 18 or over, or 17 with a Driver Education. It is possible to combine with other classes.  Under this category, applicants aged between 16-17  with a Driver’s Education operate under restrictions.

Class E – It’s a license issued to permit Taxi, Limo, or Livery operations.  It includes all vehicles as class D as well as For-Hire vehicles that carry 14 passengers or less.

Types of Licenses in NYC


You can use a standard license to board a domestic flight only until October 1,21and for photo identification.

Characters of a standard license.


You may use a REAL ID to board a domestic flight. It has a white star in a black circle on the front.


An enhanced license is eligible  for the following uses:

It has a U.S flag on the front and costs an additional $30.

Get a Learner Permit for NYC Driver License

A learner’s permit is a moderated license that first-time drivers are required to acquire before getting a full driver’s license. You should apply for a learner’s permit at the DMV office and take a written test.

You need to book an appointment at the DMV  for a written test and provide documents such as your age’s proof an identity.  

Practice Driving and Take a Pre-Licensing Course

Once you obtain a learner’s permit, you should undertake a supervised driving practice. Also, take a pre-licensing course or a driver education course before you make your road test.

 A pre-licensing course or the 5-hour class is a DMV approved classroom course that equips new drivers with the right information so they can drive o the busy New York roads safely.  A 5 Hour pre-licensing course covers:

Pass a Road Test

A road test is crucial, and you need to pass it before you get the NYC driver’s license.  After passing the test, the examiner will give you interim permission to allow you to drive.

You should keep the provisional permit with your photo learner permit until your new consent arrives in the mail in about two weeks.

To schedule a road test, you must be 18 and over. If otherwise, you must wait at least six months from the date you received your learner permit. A fee for two road tests fr anon- commercial license is included in your NYC driver license. Application fee.

pass a road test to get a nyc driver license

Failure to pass the two road tests, you must pay another amount 0of around $10.00.  Keep in mind that there is no refund if you fail to take both tests.

 For a road test for a Commercial  Driver License (CDL), the fee for a single test is $40.00

You need;

Wrapping Up

It is not easy to get a NYC driver license. If you follow the steps above religiously, with all the requirements, it will be more comfortable and smooth for you.

Choosing the best driving school to undertake your tests might also be a painful procedure. Pierre Paul Driving School is the solution to your driving needs.

Pierre Paul offers driving classes near Brooklyn, New York. Lessons for first-time, teenage drivers, new adult learners, and existing drivers with lapsed licenses are available.

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