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Road Test Sites Near New Dorp Driving School

1. Father Capodanno

Location: Northside at Lincoln Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306

Directions: From the Verrazano Bridge, opt for the lower level if available. Take the exit for Lily Pond Avenue South, continue onto Father Capodanno Blvd, and follow it until it U-turns north. After completing the U-turn, spot the big red signs on the right, signaling your lineup starting at Lincoln Avenue.

2. Staten Island

LocationGrandview Avenue between Forest and Netherlands Avenues Mariner’s Harbor, NY 10303

Directions: Navigate with ease: Drive along Staten Island Expressway I-278 to the South Avenue Exit, turn right onto South Avenue, and continue to Forest Avenue. Take a right onto Forest Avenue, proceed one block, and make a left onto Grandview Avenue. The lineup is on the right side of Grandview Avenue, facing Netherlands Avenue, starting behind Kohl’s Department Store, not in the parking lot.

Why Choose Pierre Paul Driving School In New Dorp?

Top-rated Driving School

Pierre Paul Driving School has a Google rating of 4.8. This is because we offer top-notch training at an affordable price that ensures each student passes their road test without failing.

Experienced Instructors

Our DMV-certified instructors have extensive experience thus you can trust them to deliver high-quality skills to produce the best drivers.

Multilingual Classes

We offer personalized driving instructions in different languages such as English, Creole, French, and Spanish to ensure every student learns in a language they are most comfortable with.

Flexible Classes

Our driving lessons are flexible to ensure students with busy schedules attend their lessons at their convenient time.

Visit These 10 Locations in New Dorp to Perfect Your Driving Skills

Explore these locations in New Dorp, Staten Island, and improve your driving skills. Here are ten amazing locations you can visit: 

driving lessons new dorp


1. New Dorp Beach

Practice parking and maneuvering in this serene coastal area.

2. Cedar Grove Beach

Learn to handle your vehicle on scenic beachside roads.

3. Hylan Boulevard

Get accustomed to city traffic along this bustling avenue.

4. Miller Field

 Practice your parking and navigation skills in this open space.

5. Richmond County Bank Ballpark

Learn to navigate busy parking lots during events.

6. Mill Road

 A good road for gaining confidence in suburban driving.

7. Tysens Lane

Practice making turns and handling intersections.

8. New Dorp Lane

A mix of residential and commercial areas for varied driving conditions.

9. Colonial Rifle and Pistol Club

Gain precision and control skills in their parking lot.

10 .LaTourette Golf Course

Practice parking and driving in this spacious area.

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